More New Ways to Make Money Online

Here's part 2 of TechPinas' New Ways to Make Money Online series

5. Suggest a Domain Name, Win Project, Collect Prize!

Are you good at coming up with great domain names given specific site concepts? Why not monetize the talent? Check out, where people pay you for naming their domains. All you have to do is to suggest a domain name after studying the brief and if the buyer likes it, you win $25. Not bad, right?

6. Put CPC Ads on your Images

Picad Media is currently inviting select Publishers to use their patent pending image ad overlay technology on their site. If your site utilizes images as a major component of content and you wish to generate more revenue, you may request a beta invitation. If you qualify, you will be a given a code to embed on your site, which will allow you to publish CPC ads on your images. It's not complicated at all - in fact, the site's dashboard is total breeze to work with.

7. Publish Sponsored Reviews

Growing tired of writing product and service reviews for free? Ever thought of making money out of it? Like get around $50 per review? Well, why not sign up for Sponsored Reviews. This site matches you (and your website) with advertisers who are interested in sponsoring reviews. There are lots of similar sites out there but I think Sponsored Reviews is definitely top tier.

8. Sell Text Link Ad Space

This option is less complicated and definitely easier to do than sponsored reviews. All you have to put text links of advertisers on your site, then collect ad placement fee. That's it! Text-Link-Ads is the leading link ad provider on the net right now. Sign up if you're interested. Just a note of caution: Publishing paid text links on your site could be bad for your PageRank but if your site doesn't rely on high PR for traffic, then it should be good.

There! :) Keep tuning in for more.

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