The Nokia N97 Click : The Making of Nokia N97 Video

Tinker with a Nokia N97 unit for a few minutes and I bet you won't help but be amazed by the design and the mechanism of the device. From the extremely solid feel of the case to the sophisticated User Interface, the smooth sliding hinge to THAT clicking sound when hiding the keyboard -- Nokia N97 is a design breakthrough.

TechPinas Featured Video of the Day Presents:
The Making of the Nokia N97 The Designers Cut

"We wanted to share an exclusive film showing behind-the scenes footage from the team involved. Featuring unseen interviews with Nokia designers from the core development team, the film charts the journey from design to production line. Uncover Nokias obsession with perfection which led the team to design the unique slide QWERTY keyboard and tilt screen, or the customisable 16:9 widescreen display, which is frequently updated with the new content from live widgets and feeds."

- Nokia

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