NuffNang Asia Pacific Blog Awards Filipino Finalists - Express your Support! Vote Now!

Good news: The list of finalists for The First Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards (to be held in Singapore on the 24th & 25th of October 2009) is now out.

Great news: Seven blogs by Filipinos made it to the finals! :D Here are the seven (7):

1. Jim Paredes - Best Celebrity Blog

2. Bryan Boy - Best Fashion Blog

3. Jehzlau Concepts - Most Influential Blog

4. Wifely Steps - Best Parenting Blog

5. Kitchen Cow - Best Food Blog

6. En Route - Best Travel Blog

7. Octwelve - Best Original Blog Design (by a Filipina based in Singapore)

Wow! Congratulations to all Pinoy finalists! :) You truly make Pinas proud! :)
TP is wishing you all the best in the Awarding ceremony! :)

For TP Readers: You may express your support for our Pinoy Asia Pacific Blog Awards finalists by voting for them HERE.

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  1. wow wow wow!! thanks for posting about it techpinas! :D

  2. congrats Jehzlau! :) You truly make Pinas proud. :)


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