Official Thinkpad Sleeve Out Now!

Not that the legendary sturdy Thinkpads need it for protection - but Lenovo recently came up with another cool Thinkpad accessory.

Thinkpad fans, ditch that floral sleeve and get the official one:

Hot eh? Wait until you see the interior:

Red! Perfectly complements the legendary red Thinkpad Trackpoint.
(click on the image to get larger view)

The hunt for sophisticated simplicity is finally over. We just released ThinkPad branded sleeves with an appropriate design. There is a 12″ and 15″ version . I’m already using one of the early samples for my machine. It has my full endorsement. I also plan on using these new ThinkPad sleeves to store our precious design models in. The models look so authentic that people treat them like the real thing. Tossing models around like they were built with mil-specs in mind just won’t work.

We decided to add a little visual zing to the design by making the interior TrackPoint red. We don’t do this on our traditional cases, but given the scale of the sleeve it seemed appropriate. I hope you like it.

[via LenovoBlogs]

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