Kanye West Dissed Taylor Swift at MTV VMA 2009 - Twitter Trending Topic - Watch the Video !

Twitter users who missed MTV Video Music Awards are probably wondering why Beyonce, Kanye West and Taylor Swift (of all artists who performed and got nominated in the show) are currently in the Trending Topics list:

For non-Twitter users, the trending topics show the themes (people, events, places etc.) that a lot of Twitter users are talking about in their Tweets - the measure is quantitative, really.

Searching for the keywords, you will find out that these trending topics are a result of people's disgust over Kanye West's uncalled-for and supposedly douche-baggy treatment of Taylor Swift during the latter's acceptance speech for Best Female Video moonman for the video of "You Belong with Me" (an award she won over Beyonce's Single Ladies and others).


Whoa! That was mean! What the heffa is wrong with Kanye West?!

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