Adsense for Search Performance and Relevance - Earnings Posted

I have a few blogger friends who are still skeptical about the performance of Adsense for Search, thinking it's no better than the practically non-performing Adsense for Feeds -- hence, choosing not to implement it on their blogs.

This post is to enlighten Adsense Publishers on the relevance of Adsense for Search ad units.

I know that there's no better way to defend the performance of any advertising platform than to show the actual results that one gets from using it. So, I'd like to show you my Adsense earnings yesterday, March 3, 2010:

Notice that despite getting less than 1% of my Adsense for Content impressions, Adsense for Search was able to almost match its results, dollar for dollar.

Now, I know you might be thinking that this happened only because I had undeniably deplorable Adsense for Content eCPM that day, while Adsense for Content was having a bit of a field day. But let me tell you that Adsense for Search's performance on TechPinas has been pretty consistent: There have been days, like yesterday, when my earnings from it match my earnings from Ads for Content, while on most days, it delivers earnings equivalent to around 30% of my Ads for Content earnings.

Why is this so, you ask? Why does Adsense for Search deliver good results?

I'm thinking this is because:

1. The readers who use your blog's search bar are the ones who are really looking for something (duh!) and not just 'reading along', 'coasting along' or 'passing by'. Hence, they are also more likely to click on ads shown to them.

2. Also, since they are 'looking for something', they are inclined to complete offers or buy something from sites where your Adsense ads direct them to.

3. Since Google does not go overboard in showing Adsense for Search results (unlike us, Publishers, who show no signs of subtlety when employing Adsense for Content units), the ads shown are most likely the highest-priced ones.

There you go. :)
I hope this entry inspired you to use Adsense for Search. Personally, I think Ads for Search are a definite keeper.

If you're already using it, why not share your review of your Adsense for Search results with us? Please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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  2. If that's your eCPM on a very bad day, you must be a pretty rich boy by now.

  3. congrats, you have a great traffic for 1 site, having 8k - 10k impressions per day is great, but looks like per click value or your ctr is too small.

  4. Can I ask about how can I increase ad impression. Please reply thanks.


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