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Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time

This game is a flash remake of the original DOS-based Prince of Persia game. You have 8 minutes to navigate to the Vizier’s throne room and stop him from unleashing the Sands of Time. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the Prince in all directions. Use the shift key to grab onto ledges and pick up items. Hold shift while pressing the arrow keys to walk.

If you are having difficulty performing the Standing Forward lump,you may use the space bar to perform this move. When in combat mode,the left and right arrow keys will move the prince toward or away from the enemy. Pressing up will allow you to parry an incoming attack,and pressing down will allow you to put your sword away in case you need to escape. Have fun!

Play now! Loads in 30 seconds or so...

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  2. I was kid when first time I played this. This seems to be that fresh even today. One can attach own with it quite easily. The online version of it is also a enjoyable one.

  3. I remember playing this when I was younger. I always got frustrated because I couldn't get the jumping right!

  4. This game is a lot of great activities. I enjoy this game for hours. The setback is that, just like the old game of rock, it is unlikely that suffers from enemies, but their stupid mistakes. Battle of episodes were good.

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