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AdultSwim's Polar Bear Payback

The Polar Bears are striking back after centuries of maltreatment by humans! The tables have turned and now, humans have to defend themselves against the attack of angry bears.

Here's what fans have to say about the game:

Hell yes! Bear Rage!

The only way to stop animal cruelty is with human cruelty.

NOTE: This game shows violence. Parental Guidance is advised.

You play as the bear.

Life as a polar bear used to be peaceful and serene; filled with days of just splashing about in near-freezing water and chowing down on arctic fish. Now, thanks to humanity's unabated and even excessive pillaging of natural resources, the planet's taken a turn for the disgusting and turned your once beautiful home into a barely habitable wasteland. Time for a some payback! Claw and chomp your way from the Arctic Shore to the city exacting revenge upon those who have destroyed your once-serene frozen wonderland.


Use your keyboard's arrow keys to move around

Press A to Maul and Use weapon when you pick one up
Just walk over weapons to pick them up.
Press S to Bite. Hold S to suck on the skulls of your enemies and regain health.
When the Blitz meter is full, double-tap right or left to do a dash attack

Try to collect as many health items in each stage as you can to regain life energy.

Play Polar Bear Payback! Click HERE.

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