Chitika Premium EARNINGS Review - Money Made Posted !

For me, publishers need only ask one question when reviewing the performance of a CPC ad network or any online advertising program, for that matter, and that is...

Does the money you earn from the program match your site's traffic?

This is a review of MY Chitika Premium earnings.

First, I'd like to show you my CP earnings from February 17, 2010 to March 1, 2010:

NOTE: Only TP readers from US and Canada were able to see Chitika Premium ad units
within the given period.

As but an Adsense supplement, I actually set very low earnings expectations from CP even before installing the ad units. Truth be told - however - looking at this chart now, I can't help but still feel thoroughly disappointed.

Much as I want to sugarcoat it, there's no denying that my Chitika Premium earnings are down. Comparing my current CP earnings to my Adsense earnings during the time when I had just as much Adsense impressions, I was averaging at around $ 7.00 with Adsense - that's 20 times more than my $ 0.35 current average earnings with Chitika.

Infolinks, another Adsense supplement, also blows Chitika out of the water. I'm running the two programs concurrently and my current earnings with Infolinks are, at least, 4 times higher than my earnings with CP.

How about you? How are your Chitika Premium earnings? Please leave your comment below.

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  1. My chitika earnings are half of what they were before they went to premium. I've tried to contact them but have heard no response. Funny thing is they contacted me about incorporating their program into my website. I'm removing them from the site this month.

  2. Thanks for this. At least I don't have to try it my self and eventually became disappointed.


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