List of Senate Bills Authored by Noynoy Aquino: Team Noynoy Opens New Website, Busts Myths!

To bust myths and disclose truths surrounding the persona of 2010 Presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino, his team opened a new website entitled "The Truth About Noynoy: Wag Magpapalinlang sa mga Sabi-Sabi." (trans. The Truth About Noynoy: Don't be Fooled by Hearsay):

The content of this site was compiled by volunteer historians, journalists, lawyers and other private individuals with the cooperation of the office of Senator Aquino.

Busting Myths

Perhaps, one of the biggest myths about Noynoy Aquino is that he had very poor legislative performance during his term as senator, not being able to author even a single bill.

Totally untrue.

Quoting Truth About Noynoy:

We have good laws, and we have quite a number of them. In fact, some countries have used some of our laws as basis for crafting their own legislation. What seems wanting is the right implementation, which is beyond the scope of the duties and responsibilities of the legislative branch.

I did craft bills which I felt were necessary, and whose attendant issues were not being given the attention they deserve (i.e. Maintenance bill, productivity incentives bill, etc.) Those who are criticizing me for what they deem a dismal legislative performance might want to go over my record and carefully review the bills I've filed.

Aside from making laws, legislators have the responsibility of ensuring that the check and balance system in our government is at work. I'd like to think that I was not remiss in my duties when I participated in the Senate investigations that sought to find closure in the many scandals confronting the current administration. (Probe Profiles)

Senate Bills:

Senate Bill 1370 grants “an annual productivity bonus for all workers in the private sector.”
Senate Bill 2036 increases “the penalties for noncompliance of the prescribed increases and adjustments in the wage rates of workers.”

Senate Bill 2160, an amendment to the Government Reform Procurement Act, plugs loopholes that mega scams like the ZTE-NBN project and the CyberEd project slipped through. It’s a vaccine against deadly swine influence.

Senate Bill 2035 is a bill requiring contractors “to handle the regular maintenance and preservation for public infrastructure after the end of the project.” A contractor who skimps on the construction phase of a public infrastructure project eventually pays for it in higher maintenance and repair costs.

Senate Bill 2978 puts “parameters for the selection of PNP provincial directors and city/municipal chief of police for local government units” because personal discretion in law- enforcement matters is the root of corruption.

Senate Bill 1710 bans “the reappointment of a regular member of the Judicial and Bar Council who has already served a full term.”

Senate Bill 1719 limits “the reappointment of presidential nominees bypassed by the Commission on Appointments.”

Senate Bill 3121, or the Budget Impoundment Control Act, strengthens the Legislature’s power over how the Executive spends appropriations.

Senate Bill 2159 “adopts the doctrine of superior responsibility to all actions involving military personnel, members of the Philippine National Police and other civilians involved in law enforcement.”

For more truths about Noynoy Aquino, click HERE.

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  1. so 9 nga lang ang bills? diba 11 years nga sya eh dapat 1 per year??? and ayoko sa taong masyadong mapanghusga..... yun ang presidenteng gusto ko.... kung sino man ang manalo ipagdarasal kong magkaroon cya ng tunay na pagmamahal sa puso.... hindi nangungundena ng tao sa halip ay minamahal....

  2. this helped me alot!.thnx.GB!

  3. i am pretty sure someone thought of this for him. How can he think things over eh puyat nga sya sa video games?

  4. Other candidates such as Villar and Gordon passed so many bills, and a good portion of them are really for the good of the people and not just renaming streets. What excuse does NoyNoy have in not passing any? Did he even author the bill or we was just a co-author. I'm sorry but day by day, I'm realizing that NoyNoy may not have the correct requirements to be President. I applaud him if he himself is indeed not corrupt but I worry if he has the strength to reign in his corrupt family members and the corrupt members of his own party.

  5. OK, i need someone to clear things up..

    Passed Bills na ba mga to or filed bills p lng?
    Is Noynoy the Author or Principal behind these bills o bka nmn co-author lng?

  6. The TRUTH should include the WHOLE truth. Please note that NOyNoy aquiNO said "I did CRAFT bills..." But the whole essay did not say if the bills he crafted were made into law. He DID NOT author bills that were made into law. A senator with no laws passed. Even Lito Lapid made one.
    I used to be for Ninoy and Cory's boy, but i realized it takes MORE than honesty and itegrity to run a country out of poverty.

    Jimmy Hermogenes

  7. The way I see it, these bills are hard to pass. Why? Marami kasi government official ang haharang sa mga ito kasi mawawalan sila ng opportunity for corruption and political favors. Mas papansinin nila mga bills para sa "free texting" kasi malakas ito makahatak ng boto.

    I can't believe you would rather have a corrupt senator who passes a lot of lot of useless bills than an honest hardworking one.

  8. Sino ba namang corrupt senator or congressman ang susuporta sa bills nya? When these are bills will severely limit an officials corrupt powers.

    I can't believe that you'd rather a corrupt senator than a honest hardworking one.

  9. I agree! kung matatapakan ang mga negosyo ng iba at mga selfish intents ng iba, sino susuporta sa mga bills na pinasa ni noynoy? di nyo ba naisip yun?

    NOY and MAR parin.. all d way.

  10. He said on his statement that we have good laws. That's not a good excuse. 9 drafted bills are not enough. Sabi nga ng isang nag-comment, kahit si Lito Lapid may napasang bill. And he can't think of anything? Come on, it's time for him to get out of his parent's shadows. i can't believe we'll have this guy for president.

  11. 0 out of 9 bills passed


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