How to Put or Place Ads from Google Certified Ad Networks on your Blog or Website

Camille P. from Makati City DM'd TP this query this afternoon:
"TechPinas, I saw in Google Adsense Ad Review Center earlier that my blog has placement targeted ads from a Google Certified Ad network. How come I'm not seeing these ads on my blog? Do I have to do anything special, like paste ad codes, to implement these ads? Thanks!"

Hi Camille!

Congrats on having targeted ads on your blog! It means your blog is doing quite well in its niche. :)

Now, how to implement these targeted ads on your blog:

1. Make sure you're not blocking the ad network. Free up category filters. (refer to screengrab below, top most red circle).

2. Make sure you're not blocking targeted ad units (red circle, 2nd from top).

3. Automatically allow targeted ad placements (red circle, lower right).

Click image for larger view

5. Make sure you have Adwords ad units on your blog that have similar sizes to the ad units of these targeted ads.

Camille, aside from these steps, you don't need to do anything else to see targeted ads on your blog. Google Adsense will include ads from Certified Ad Networks in the auctions and will show the ads that will generate you the most profit, whether they're from these Google-certified ad networks or the AdWords program.

There. :)

I hope you find this helpful.

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  1. hello! one of the reasons i created a blog was precisely to test the earning potential of a blogsite. but my problem is i'm not sure if the host site prevents me from applying for google adsense revenues (that is, if they want to keep the earnings for themeselves). does that happen with many host sites? thanks! very new in this


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