Nokia 2690 and Nokia 1616 - Price, Specs - Out in the Philippines !

Nokia 2690 and Nokia 1616: Best buys

Nowadays, everyone wants to be prepared to capture the moment. If your cellphone has built-in camera, then that means one less gadget to carry around.

Nokia 2690 is currently Nokia's most affordable camera phone with a memory card slot that can support up to 8GB (sold separately). With that much phone memory, you can take more than enough photos and videos which you can share with friends via email or MMS. It also comes with music player, FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity and GPRS internet access.

For those with simpler yet practical preferences, Nokia 1616 should be the perfect choice.

Nokia 1616 is the Finnish company's most affordable color display phone with FM radio (earphones sold separately) that's out in the Philippines. Other practical features of Nokia 1616 include big keys for easier texting, flashlight, speaking clock with alarm, anti-scratch covers and dust-resistant keypad.

Nokia 2690 has an SRP of P3,850 and is available in graphite, white and pink. Nokia 1616, on the other hand, has an SRP of P1,720 and comes in grey, blue, black, and dark red.

Both phones are now out in the Philippines.

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  1. Yes! Dis is it!!! And2 na sa 'Pinas!!!

  2. to techpinas: interested in n2690. might you have it in installment? if yes, id like to take it.

  3. Mura lng dito sa

  4. Very informative post. Nokia 2690 looks best in terms of design and styling in its segemnt. It is a true value for money mobile in comparison to its rivals. Am planning to buy it soon.

  5. paano ba ang pag konek sa nokia 2690 sa facebook????


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