Nokia Lottery Promo = SCAM ! FAKE ! HOAX !

Public Service Announcement:

If you're one of the many to receive a peculiar text message telling you that you won quite a large amount of cash from an ongoing Nokia promo, IGNORE it, by all means. It's a SCAM :

NOTE: This scam is not isolated to the UK. It's happening the world over.

Quoting Nokia Conversations:

Nokia doesn’t do the lottery, or scams, so please,[...], beware.

Nokia is a trusted brand and it’s not nice when people misuse it to scam innocent folks with the lure of a lottery win. The scam, known as an advance fee fraud, nearly always follows the same format. Users get a text or an email saying they’ve won in the Nokia Lottery and that they need to send money, or airtime vouchers (which is like money) in order to receive their winnings.

Again, don't fall for the nasty bait. Ignore such messages.

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