What Does ASUS Mean? The Story Behind the Name of Taiwan's Successful Laptop, Netbook, Cellphone Brand

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The Meaning and Origin of 'Asus'

From being one of the relatively small players in the laptop and desktop manufacturing industry during the dawn of this century, Asus has catapulted itself into becoming one of the most respected and most successful brands in the world.

Last year, ASUS appeared in BusinessWeek’s "InfoTech 100" and "Asia’s Top 10 IT Companies" rankings as one of the best Asian tech corporations. Also, Wall Street Journal Asia ranked the Taiwanese company number one in product quality and after-sales service. SquareTrade likewise named Asus the most reliable laptop brand in the world. In 2008, Asus led the IT Hardware category of the Taiwan Top 10 Global Brands survey with a total brand value of a whopping US$1.324 billion.

Despite these great brand achievements, however, I bet most people are not even familiar with what ASUS, the company name itself, means. If you're not sure what Asus stands for, this post is for you.

Origin of the Name 'Asus'

The word 'ASUS' comes from the last four letters of Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology that symbolizes the inspiration of art and learning.

ASUS embodies the strength, creative spirit and purity symbolized by this regal and agile mythical creature, soaring to new heights of quality and innovation with each product it introduces to the market. [source: Asus]

In many ways, Asus has indeed soared towards the sky. In 2008, ASUS won 3,056 awards, which translates to 8 awards on average every day of the year. The company’s revenue for the same year was 8.1 billion U.S. dollars.

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