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Credits : Nja @ 2ch
Translation : Shounensuki



ナルト 今のでわかったお互い本気で戦えば2人とも死ぬ
ナルト お前は友達だからな (キリッ)
それを聞いたサクラ ナルト…ウッゥ… (涙)
サスケ てめえに痛みを分かってもらうつもりもないし~俺は死なないお前が一人で死ね   

カカシ お前はいずれ火影~になるんだろサスケは俺がやる!
ナルト 仲間一人救えねえ奴が火影になれるか!


Both are blown away by the explosion caused by both their techniques.

Naruto: “I understand it now, if we both fight seriously, we’ll both die.” The rest is ommitted (I’m an idiot~ He preaches, but to no avail.)
Naruto: “Because you’re my friend, that’s why I’ll bear your hatred with you and why I’ll die with you.
When she hears that, Sakura cries and says Naruto’s name
Sasuke: “I don’t intend to let you understand my pain. I’m not going to die, you’ll die alone”

Kakashi: “Aren’t you supposed to become Hokage? Let me handle Sasuke!”
Naruto: “I can’t become Hokage if I can’t even save a single friend! I’m going to fight Sasuke!!!”

what kind of option is “I’ll kill Sasuke and die myself, as well”

Credits : Ohana @ 2ch
Translation : Never and Idol
486 拳
表紙は 一部 サスケ ナルト








486: kobushi

Naruto and Sasuke on cover.
Naruto is followed by Kakashi, while Sasuke is followed By Zetsu.
Zetsu realizes that Sasuke is in danger and decided to refer it to Madara
madara begins preparations for the Rinnegan (?)
Naruto complains to Sasuke
Ohana: what a beautiful face has sasuke! who has abandoned the dark side? Possible?

Status: UNCONFIRMED Spoiler

486話 未亡人
紅「アンッ いいわ、妊娠中だから膣内射精しても大丈夫よ~!あーんッ キテ~~~」
ドピュッ ドピュピュピュ・・
紅「あん!いいわー熱いのが・・・たくさん・・・・アアン!・・・アアアァ・・・・アアー・・ハアハア・・ ・凄い量・・・・若いっていいわね」
紅「え!? あああーーーーーん、すごーーい。膣(なか)を掻きまわさないで~~」
次週 紅の選択!!

*Naruto and Sasuke rush towards each other*
Sasuke: Naruto!
Naruto: Sasuke!
*just before they’re about to collide, Madara appears and grabs each by the wrist tossing them both into the rocks*
*Naruto and Sasuke both flashback to their very first fight that was interrupted by Kakashi*
Kakashi: Naruto! This is bad. Sakura be careful
Sasuke: Damnit Madara! What do you think your’e doing?!
Madara: Foolish Sasuke. You’re low on chakra. A clash like that could have killed you
Madara: I won’t let your ego ruin my plans. We’re leaving
*Sasuke and Naruto both panting*
*Madara leaps over to Sasuke*
Kakashi: Wait, where do you think you’re going?
Madara: Don’t worry boy. I promise next time you Sasuke, you can die by his hand and have your name carved next to Obitos
Kakashi: You bastard!
*Kakashi activates Mangekyo*
Madara thinking to himself *How can he posses such an eye*
Sasuke: Naruto, give up already. I will destroy Konoha. And next time I won’t go easy on you.
Sasuke: Be a hero or die a hero like the rest. Choose a path as I have!
Naruto: Sasuke! Give up on trying to make me give me! You’re not getting away!
*Naruto rushes over but Madara teleports away with Sasuke*
Naruto: Damnit!
Kakashi: Lets head back to Konoha

In the meantime, here's a very insightful fan review for Naruto Manga 485 written by Hyper Jake.

STATUS: Fan reaction for Naruto Manga Chapter 485
Written by Hyper Jake

Last time, we were left with one of the most epic pages in Naruto history –the scene when Naruto saved Sakura from Sasuke’s slash. And on the bottom of that page, the part that focused Naruto and Sasuke’s eyes were just epic. We all know this is the fight we have been waiting for. The tension is in the air, and most of us want to see Naruto teach Sasuke a lesson, but is it fair for Sasuke to face a well-recovered Naruto after being worn-out from his fight against Danzo? Nevertheless, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for. All the events have been built-up to this anticipated battle.

Chapter 485 starts off with a face-to-face illustration of the series’s rivals, but Kakashi attacks Sasuke first. Pretty much, the first few pages of the chapter shows Team 7 talking about how Sasuke has been consumed by the dark side. Naruto tells him that he understands why he has followed his “path”, but Sasuke just tells him to shut up because he never had parents or siblings to deal with. Then, Sakura just defends Naruto, saying that he had faith on Sasuke. I thought the drama was really well-portrayed, especially on the bottom of page 6. Then, Sasuke tells them that he had killed Danzo. The art on top of page 8 was cool –it really showed Sasuke’s true character. Kakashi tells Naruto and Sakura to back off, that it’s his business to deal with “the fallen”, but Naruto just holds him off with a shadow clone, and attacks Sasuke with his signature wind-element jutsu, Rasengan!

Sasuke brings out his lightning-element technique that Kakashi himself had taught him. It’s interesting how their fight starts like how their previous fight ended. Last time, Naruto lost from their Chidori-Rasengan collision, but this time, it looks like he’s not going to hesitate. There’s no Konoha headband on his forehead. It’s on. The whole art, where both of them tried to hit each other with their moves was just mind-blowing. I felt the intensity in that scene. And then, it flashes into an internal vision of Naruto trying to convert Sasuke back with his words of sympathy. It reminds me of the time when Naruto changed Pain in the end of their battle. But Sasuke wasn’t affected by his words. He just tells Naruto that he only has two choices: to kill him and become a hero or to be another one of his victims.

And his answer: “NEITHER!”

The chapter ends with a scene returning to their chidori-rasengan collision –a large splash with explosive sound-effects. Naruto has a third answer, but we won’t find out till the next chapter (Kishi is just good with ending his chapters with cliffhangers) Apparently, they’re power levels have developed. This is definitely going to be an epic match up.


This match will definitely not be one-sided; we’ll see their fair share of power-ups. Even though I think this match is going to be epic, I have a feeling that Madara Uchiha (AKA Tobi) is going to play a part near the end. Either he’s going to interfere and save Sasuke, capture an exhausted Naruto, or kidnap Kakashi so he could get his Sharingan eye. And if ever the fight ends, I think Naruto will win, hopefully making Sasuke return to the “bright” side. I have a feeling that if Naruto gets captured by Madara, Sasuke will have the urge to save Naruto before he fully-extracts the Kyubii out of him. Another thing that I’m looking forward to is the secret power that Itachi has given Naruto. I think it’s a defensive spell that would either A) protect him from Sasuke’s powers or B) protect him Madara’s ritual. We’ll just have to wait.

This is a great chapter, and I can’t wait for the next one.

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  1. Great analysis

    As for the going with Madara capturing Naruto in the long run and having Sasuke sacrifice himself for Naruto´s well being.

    Sasuke will then be remembered as a hero, sort of.

  2. Ok, I love the ending..I was actually thinking the same....about something that would protect Naruto from Madara ritual... :O

  3. Madara is clearly using up sasuke for his personal intention and sasuke blinded by his revenge to those who's involved in the Uchiha's incident.

    If I still recall, that when pain was defeated by naruto, madara and the remaining chronies of the akatsuki were talking something for pawning someone for the gedo.

    In my speculations, in the end, if sasuke's eyes achieve EMS, there's a possibility that madara will going to take that out and use it on his own and pawned sasuke to gezo.

    Until then.

    Andys Web


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