Anne Curtis Speaks on Boracay Wardrobe Malfunction- Thankful to Fans Who Refuse to View the Photos

Extremely beautiful and talented Kapamilya star, Anne Curtis, (with on-screen partner, Sam Milby) sits down with ANC's Dateline and discusses her ASAP "wardrobe malfunction" in Boracay. Photos of which have gone viral on various social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Quoting Anne:

"It was a wardrobe malfunction. It's something na hindi ko naman sinasadyang mangyari (it's something that I didn't mean to happen), that's why I really feel upset that it's coming out. I understand that there were people [in the audience] who had cellphones and whatever [gadgets], sana they had a little respect manlang to either delete it or you know, to not even come out or upload it. It was really just an accident during a dance number where I was giving my best because it was for ASAP [...] It's a bit upsetting that it had to come to this. [...] I feel really sad. I feel really disrespected.[...]"

Watch the full interview video here (courtesy of ANC and ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation):

TP Reaction:

Like Pinky Webb, I don't believe this is a publicity gimmick because truth be told: Anne doesn't need to expose her breast to get the interest of the public. For me, she's easily the most beautiful female celebrity of her generation and that alone is enough reason for people to see her movie.

As for the photos, it boils down to respect. If you respect Anne, don't spread them.

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