Globe My SuperPLAN - SuperUNLI SuperDUO SuperTXT SuperSURF DUO - Plain SUPER !

Ladies and Gents, introducing Globe's first and only fully-customizable plan: Globe My Super Plan!

With Globe My Super Plan, you can choose, add, and combine phone plans to fit your budget and lifestyle. Pick and pay only for the services you need and have the option to change your plans as often as every month.

Here are the available plans (Source:

Super Txt (P349/month)
All-you-can text to Globe/TM/Tattoo numbers nationwide

DUO (P450/month)
All-you-can calls to non-Globelines landline/other DUO/Super DUO numbers within the same registered area
All-you-can calls to Globeline numbers nationwide

Super DUO (P599/month)
All-you-can calls to non-Globelines within the same registered area
All-you-can calls to Globe/TM/Tattoo/Globeline numbers nationwide

Super Unli (P599/month)
All-you-can call and text to Globe, TM, and Tattoo numbers nationwide

Super Surf (P1,200/month)
All-you-can mobile chatting, downloading, emailing and surfing wherever you go

Super Surf for Blackberry (P1,200/month)
All-you-can mobile chatting, downloading, emailing (with push email) and surfing wherever you go with your Blackberry phone

Feel free to mix and match plans according to your needs (and if you wish so, change your plan and plan-combos monthly) :

Which plans can you combine? Here's a Globe My SuperPlan mix-match guide:

NOTE: You can also combine MySuperPlan with existing GFlex and GPlan offers.

What are the requirements to avail of this offer?

Standard postpaid application requirements apply:

a) Proof of Identification
b) Proof of Billing Address
c) Proof of Financial Capacity (with a minimum gross monthly income of Php10,000).
d) You will also need to pay in advance the monthly fee of the add-on you are subscribing to, deductible on your first bill.

For more info visit a Globe Store near you. You may also give Globe Direct a ring at (02) 730-1588, Globe Customer Service (02) 730-1000 or simply visit


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  1. That is too expensive! There is no prepaid option so these are add ons to your postpaid bill PLUS they increased Superduo/ Duo prices to match prepaid. They really are looking for a way to make globe subscribers fork over Php1,000 for the postpaid plan. If your bill exceeds 2000 regularly these plans are perfect for you. Below that? You end up paying for what you don't need.

    Please do not take SUPERDUO away from prepaid subscribers! You can increase price by a little but don't hit 1,000 mark.

  2. I agree.

    This is still a tad expensive.

    I'm favoring Red Unlimited over this one.

  3. it's for PLAN ZERO so that means you'll only paying for the services you wish to be avail.

  4. Anonymous April 4 10:35 am will sure get the shock of his/her life to see the post above. BURN!!! Hahaha.

    Anyhow, these offers (except for Superunli 599 for 30 days) are available to prepaid subscribers at the same rate. So they can customize every month as well without being stuck on a lock in period of 3 mos. Just found out from a Globe customer service rep.

  5. ImeerachelprestridgeMarch 14, 2011 at 10:09 PM

    what are the available units for globe plan 599?

  6. halu po! kahapon lng po ako ng'apply ng globe plan 499 po. bat po hindi pa po na'activite? ilang araw po bah ako mgkakaroon ng signal po?


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