Cebu City - Number One Emerging Outsourcing City in the World, According to Tholons !

Tholons' recent research that aims to rank global cities based on how well suited they are for specific IT and BPO functions, gave Cebu City the top spot in the list of the Top 50 Emerging Outsourcing Cities in the world -- besting other cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Hanoi, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Ho Chi Minh City.

Quoting Tholons,


This Filipino BPO city provides services such as customer services, technical support, help desk, data entry and processing, medical transcription, insurance processing, book keeping and accounting, legal, taxation and back-office transaction processing.

As the BPO sector continues to expand here so does the demand for space.
At present, 80,000 sq. meters are occupied by at least 17 BPO companies. Office lease rates in the city on an average are $6.7 per sq. meter per month.

The city is also known as an education center. It has 68 public elementary schools, 23 national high schools and 28 night high schools. Literacy rate in the city stands at 97 percent. Many foreign students, mostly Iranians, Koreans and Nepalese, also come to Cebu City to study since education is relatively cheaper here.

Infrastructure in the city is quite strong. Cebu City's Mactan-Cebu International Airport has direct flights to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Qatar and South Korea.

The excellent quality of life (cost of living around 75 percent lower than the U.S.A.) in Cebu City translates into better quality of workers and low employee turnover.

Well done, Cebu! Congratulations!

Mabuhay ang mga Cebuano! :)

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  1. In the latest Tholons Top 50 report, 2009, Cebu City is the No. 1 Emerging Global Outsourcing City in the World.

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