Nokia 5233 - Price, Specs - Most Affordable Nokia XpressMusic Touchscreen Phone: Out in the Philippines !

When it comes to purchasing gadgets in these financially trying times, the wise spender should go for brands that have long been trusted for their products' outstanding quality and excellent after-sales support.

Enter Nokia 5233 XpressMusic – Nokia's most affordable touchscreen device to-date :

Perfect for those who love listening to music on the go, Nokia 5233 delivers up to 33 hours of music playback with 70MB of internal memory, expandable up to 16GB via microSD.

Nokia 5233 is now out in the Philippines! It has suggested retail price (SRP) of Php 6,990 and is available only in Black.

Here's the Nokia 5233 press release courtesy of Nokia Philippines and BridgesPR:

Nokia 5233: Tap for fun

Nokia’s latest chart topper delivers total music and a great entertainment experience at a very affordable price. Enjoy up to 33 hours of music playback with 70MB of internal memory, and add more songs with its expandable memory (up to 16GB). Just plug in your earphones to its 3.5mm AV connector and you’re set! Organizing your tunes is also fast, easy, and simple with the Nokia Music for PC application.

The fun doesn’t stop with music. The Nokia 5233 features a 3.2” full touchscreen, which means a bigger and clearer view of vibrant videos, photos, and games. It has various input options from full screen handwriting with your finger or stylus, virtual QWERTY, and a traditional styled keypad. And unlike other touchscreen phones, the Nokia 5233 has a one tap/ two tap function for better accuracy and precision.

The Nokia 5233 also lets you access the different offerings of the Ovi Store based on your interests -- games, wallpapers, themes, and so much more. Capture the moment with the 2mp camera and share your passions on the go via integrated online communities such as Facebook, MySpace or YouTube. Use the Contacts Bar to keep track of up to 20 of your closest friends and see the history of your communication (IM, email, SMS, phone) and the media they share with you on the homescreen. The Media Bar provides instant access to your favourite media and applications from music, photos, or Ovi Share.


Compared to Nokia 5800, 5230 does not support Wifi and 3G connectivity and does not feature GPRS. 5800 has a 3.2 MP camera, 5230 only has 2 MP camera.

Like Nokia 5230, 5233 does not support Wifi. However, 5230 supports 3G connectivity and features GPRS.

Needless to say, Nokia 5230 and 5800 are both more expensive than 5233. As of March 2010, Nokia 5800 has a Philippine price tag of roughly Php 13,500 while Nokia 5230 sells for around Php 8,500.

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  2. ^

    use nokia pc suite or ovi suite.

  3. doES 5233 T.C supports 3G? its real that this phone is one of the most affordable TS phone...

    i just want to clear up something... is the quality of this phone is good enough and worth buying for/?/

    Latest price please for this phone? nokia 5233 T.S

  4. is this an xpressmusic phone?

  5. how can i increased my internet access using my nokia 5233?

  6. clarify ko lang ang Nokia 5230 at Nokia 5233 ay HINDI EXPRESS MUSIC!

  7. hehe.. oo nga pla no?? well.. d nga pla express music ang cp na to... mukhang mas ok ang 5530... mas mahal nga lang...

  8. Go to, there all of series60 version5 Symbian OS application, themes, games and many more.

  9. Latest price is P5,490, I'm planning to buy one despite all the blogs that I've heard. But Its a great phone, I've researched every detail and even compare it with other units. Its Great!

  10. pero bakit sa ibang site Xpress music sila?magulo b tlga minsan and Web!


    i2 mkakasagot sa katanungan nyo..
    alam ko kc naka line up sya sa xpressmusic.

  12. phase out na po ang 5530..


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