Lady Gaga's Cellphone - One of a Kind

Jem M. from Calgary, CA DM'd TP this query just a few minutes ago:
"TP, I know Lady Gaga is not a Pinoy celebrity. But would you know the brand of cellphone she uses? She's my idol and I'll get everything she endorses. Thanks!"

Hi Jem!

Yes, Lady Gaga does have a cellphone. But it's a pretty rare one.

Last year, a crowd of swarming paparazzi was able to catch Lady Gaga talking to someone over her rather unique phone. Check out the photos:

Photos courtesy of PoponthePop

Nice, eh?

I'm not sure where to get it, though.

Thanks for the inquiry!

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  1. I don't get it? Invisible phone?

  2. so wheres the fone?

  3. there's no cellphone xD

  4. That's why it said to be "One of a Kind". :) But I honestly think it wasn't shot as she was really talking on a phone.


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