How to Remove or Delete Page Numbers on MS Word 2007 Document - Solutions that WORK!

Jan Q. from Austin, Texas DM'd TP this query earlier:
"TP, how do you remove page numbers on a Word 2007 document? This should be easy but, for some reason, the remove page numbers button is not working. This problem is proving to be a real pain in the a$$. Help, please."

Hi Jan!

Yup, I understand your concern. I've experienced this problem and it really made my head ache big time.

Here's what you do:

Solution 1 -- Convert your Document

The standard way to remove page number on Word 2007 is by clicking on Insert on the Menu Bar. Then, clicking Page Number. In the drop down menu, you should find Remove Page Numbers a clickable option. If not, you'd have to convert your document to its latest version.

1. Click on The Office Button on the upper left corner of the page

2. Click Convert

3. OK.

4. Then go back to Insert tab, click Page Number, choose Remove Page Numbers.

If that doesn't work, try Solution 2 -- Edit the Header (if your current page numbers are on the header)

1. Right click on the header of a page

2. Click Edit Header

3. On the Top Menu Bar, click on Page Number

4. Choose Top of Page, then Plain Number

5. Let the document update the header. Wait a second or two.

6. Go back to the Top Menu Bar, click on Page Number

7. Click on Remove Page Numbers

There! I hope it works for you.

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