Intel SU2700 vs. Intel Atom N450 N270 - Benchmarks by Passmark

Carla R. from Austin, Texas DM'd TP this query last month,
"TechPinas, how does Intel SU2700 CULV processor compare against Intel Atom?"

Hi Carla!

I'm sorry for the delayed response, but here it is:

I consulted PassMark benchmarks results regarding your inquiry and came up with this rather straightforward comparative chart:

*Passmark, simply put, measures the overall processing power of a chip in rendering Mathematical operations, compression, encryption, SSE and 3DNow! instructions, among others. It's sort of an all-in-one benchmarks test.

As you can see on the chart, even with supposedly slower processing speed, Intel SU2700 Ultra-low voltage chip still smokes both Intel Atom N450 (the Pine Trail CPU) and Intel N270.

So, Intel SU2700 vs. Intel Atom? Intel SU2700 wins.

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