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SEO Tips for Bing - How to Rank Well in Bing

Chitika Team recently attended SMX West in San Jose, California and had the pleasure of meeting Sasi Parthasarasy, one of the brilliant minds behind Bing, Microsoft's hottest search engine. They must have talked for hours about various Bing features but the highlight, I think, was when Chitika Team asked him, "How do you optimize your website to increase your traffic from Bing specifically?"

Watch this video for his answer:

"You should not do anything specific to Bing. Any SEO technique that is White Hat applies to Bing. [...] User content is the key. If you have [good] user content, Bing [will show it because Bing] provides the 10 best results [for each query]. If you have good content, you should show up well in the results. [...] You should be thinking about good user content before thinking about Bing, Google, Yahoo. [...] Keep your site secure."

Content, content, content. That's it.

Why is it important for publishers running CPC ad programs like Adsense and Chitika to get good traffic from Bing?

According a research done by Chitika, users coming from Bing search results tend to click on ads more -- up to 50% more than users coming from Google:

More clicks means better chance of earning more money.

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