iPad Clone Specs Revealed ! Out in Alibaba ! Maker to Sue Apple As Soon as iPad Enters China !

A fuming mad Wu Xiaolong, President of Shenzhen Great Long Brother Industrial Co - the Chinese company that produced P88, a Windows tablet donning the form factor of the upcoming Apple iPad slate, told ElMundo last month,

"I was very angry and flabbergasted two days ago when I saw the news of the iPad presentation. It is certainly our design. They've stolen [it from us as we have presented] our p88 [design to] everyone six months ago at the IFA (International Electronics Fair in Berlin),"

He added,

"We are considering legal action, but we can not do much in the United States. But if Apple brings the iPad to China, we will be forced to denounce them, because it will certainly affect our sales."

Big words.

I bet Steve Jobs is already having sleepless nights just thinking about how he could sneak iPad into China. Right.

Anyway, here are the specs of the 1.03kg P88 tablet:

Intel Atom 1.6GHz
10.2 inches screen
1.3 MP camera
3 USB ports,
VGA port,
RJ-45 LAN,
card reader,
earphone and mic
1.5 hours battery life

P88 is now out in Alibaba, selling for $ 360-380 with a minimum order quantity of 100 units. [Note that TP is not promoting P88 in any way. Buy your 100 units at your own risk.]

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