Red Unlimited - Rates, TVC, Chance to Get FREE SIM !

Backed by the nationwidest network of the country’s leading wireless services provider, Smart Communications,

Introducing Red Unlimited:

Red Unlimited is Smart's response to Pinoys' clamor for more value-for-money packages and rates and the need for a nationwide coverage to meet the varying communication needs of subscribers.

Here are the Red Unlimited rates:

Php 25 offers one day of unlimited calls and texts to any Red subscriber on anywhere in the country. Also, it comes with 60 free text messages to all networks.

Php 125 offers seven days worth of unlimited calls and texts to another Red Mobile number in the country — saving you up to Php 13 vs. the Php 25 variant. This variant comes with 300 free text messages to all mobile networks.

Php 500, on the other hand, offers 30 days of unlimited Red-to-Red calling and texting anywhere in the country and comes with 1,000 free text messages to other networks.

Watch Red Unlimited TVC Here:

For a chance to get your free Red Mobile SIM, click HERE.

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