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Page 1

Scroll Frog : Jiraiya told me to give the scroll to Naruto of something might happen to him.
Are you okay with this, Great Toad Sage ?
When Jiraiya tried to make Naruto controls the power of the Nine Tails, it went horribly wrong.
That would be against the will of Minato who purposely sealed half of the Nine Tails chakra in Naruto.

Fukasaku : Great Toad Sage, He's the one having the key of the Four Parts Seal of Kyuubi.
Can we really give it to Naruto ? What do you think ?

Sage : Summon Naruto ! I saw something about him. Then we'll see about that.

Page 2

489 : The Road to the War !

Karin : I was always treated harsly by Orochimaru, he forced me to do hard labor !
Then Sasuke comes and act like he's the boss ... And I was treated like shit and ...

I'm a victim tooooo ...

Question guy : You had it rough, huh ?

Ibiki : I don't give a shit about your history.
I want informations about Akatsuki, Sasuke and Kabuto.

And you, you're too sensitive.

Question Guy : I'm sorry.

Karin : Okay. But I have my terms.

Ibiki : WHAT ?

Karin : I want something to eat. I'm starving here. Give me some Katsudon, B1tch. ( Yeah, she does says "Kora" in japanese )

Page 3 :

Shizune : Eat Slowly, please.

Tsunade : It's still not enough. My Chakra is still not at full power.
I need MEAT ! If you're too slow, I'll turn back to a old lady.

Shizune : We already prepared the meeting, you can relax easy until ...

Page 4

Shizune : NO WAY ! What are you thinking, Tonton is a NO NO !

Tsunade : What the hell are you talking about ?

Kakashi : I'm happy to see you in good health.
I was on the verge of being Hokage, you see.
I'm not cut for this, anyways.

Tsunade : I'm surprised about the Ninja Alliance. You did well conviced Raikage and Tsuchikage to cooperate.

Kakashi : That alone can tell you how much shit is going on.

Tsunade : Uchiha Madara is really alive ?!

Kakashi : We don't have any real proof but I think there's no mistake.

Page 5 :

Tsunade : War again ...
We can't rest, still. I still can't believe the Uchiha matter went that far.
After the mean, we'll have a meeting.
We must prepare for war.

Naruto : What ? Granny Tsunade woke up ?

Sakura : Yeah !

Naruto : Okay !

Page 6

Teuchi : Good for Tsunade-sama. Since it's a good day, I'm treating ramen.

Naruto : For real ?

Teuchi : I'll do some for Sakura, too.

Sakura : No, it's okay. I still have people to see. See you later, Naruto !

Naruto : I'm getting more and more hungry with all this shit going on.
Okay, down to business !

Page 7

Tsunade : War is coming to us. This Tactical Meeting is open.

Koharu : First, we have to see how much weapons and food supplies we have. We have the list of all ninjas here.
We must list every Fighting Unit and Support Units !

Shikamaru : War, heh ? Things are moving, for sure.
Shikaku : Yeah, this is a war meeting. But you're still young. Listen well.
Shikamaru : Yeah, I know.

Page 8

Naruto : Itadaki *POOF* MASU !

Page 9

Naruto : Slurp, Slurp ...

Fukasaku : So you're getting right to business, heh.

Ma : I didn't know you liked my homecooking.


Page 10

Naruto : What Am I doing here, again ?

Ma : I summoned you.

Fukasaku : For you too, The Great Toad Sage has a prediction.
Follow me !

Ma : Let him breath !

Naruto : Hi ! It's been a long time Big Old Timer Sage !

Fukasaku : Here he is.

Toad Sage : I called none other that you. Who are you again ?

Page 11

Naruto : Uzumaki Naruto ! It's about time you remember, big old timer sage !

Fukasaku : ( And here he goes again ... )

Toad Sage : Oh, yes. I remember, Naruto.
Naruto. I saw a prediction about you. You will meet an octopus.

Naruto : Octopus ?

Toad Sage : I can't say for sure but, what I saw does have tentacles.

And you will meet a young man with the power of the eyes.

Page 12

Naruto : Haa, I understand. I got it.

Fukasaku : What do you mean ?

Toad Sage : You met him ?

Naruto : Yeah ... I'm prepared for everything.

Toad Sage : Gamatora ! I saw you and Naruto too. Give him the key of the seal.
Gamatora : If you say so, Great Toad Sage.

Page 13

Naruto : What is this ?

Gamatora : What Yondaime Hokage left for you. The key to open and shut at will the seal on your belly.
With this, you might be able to control Kyuubi yourself.
Put your hand on the square.

Jiraiya said it was a mean for you to complete "that jutsu".

Page 14

Anko : That Kabuto ... He keep on getting closer to what Orochimaru was.
But why leaving clues here, why would he ...

Kou : You mean he did it on purpose ? What does he plans ?

Anko : He most likely inherited the will of Orochimaru, or so he thinks.
He wants to get rid of Konoha or maybe get rid of Akatsuki.
But first ...

Page 15 :

Kabuto : But first, I came to salute you, Tobi.
Or should I say Madara.

Madara : You did well seeing through me.

Kabuto : I was a spy. From a contry to another, wandering ... I met Akatsuki members.
Don't understimate my intelligence network !

Madara : You were a Sasori spy, you're a traitor to Akatsuki.

Page 16

Stuff going on

Madara : This is ...

Page 17

Madara : Edo Tensei !

Kabuto : The Forbidden Justsu that only the Nidaime Hokage and Orochimaru could use. And I'm the third one who can use it.
And I'm better at it that them.
But this is just a performance for you, to trust me.
Don't worry, I didn't came here to fight.

Madara : What are you planning ?

Kabuto : I want you to join forces with me.


Sources : Ohana@2ch
Translation : KWGoDのbrucelee @ NF

489 忍界大戦へ向けて…!!

尋問部の人も泣きながら つらかったね~
かつ丼食べたい カリン

足りない!!と トントン見る


上忍数名。シカク、シカマル、コハル ツナデで戦争に向け会議


仙人デカ蛙 タコに会う。と予言
巻物蛙 封印式を野放しに出来る。手を押せ
これはジライヤの言っていた あの術の手段として~~~~~


ナガト カクズ デイダラ サソリ イタチ



It starts with big old toad and scroll toad talking

489 The next great ninja war is coming

Karin claims “I’m a victim too you know” while crying
The interogator’s also crying “must have been tough for you”
Ibiki is unmoved
Karin: I wanna eat katsudon

Tsuande is pigging out
“need more food!!!” She stares at Tonton
Shizune: don’t even think about it!
Kakashi: I’m glad you came to, I was nearly made hokage~~~

Sakura exhausted, rushing to inform naruto of Tsuande.
Ichiraku ramen guy offers naruto free food
Naruto: I’m gonna stuff my face!

war meeting with numerous jonin, -shikaku, shikamaru, koharu, tsunade

Naruto is about to eat ramen but gets reverse summoned

huge senin toad “you’re gonna meet an octopus”
scroll toad gives naruto the key
This was jiraya’s wish A step towards that jutsu ~~~~~
Anoko sees a body and surmizes it was Kabuto’s handiwork.

tobi Vs kabuto
nagato, kakuzu, deidera, sasori, itachi

that’s right
it’s a performance. I want you to be able to trust me.
I didn’t come here to fight you
I want to join forces with you

Kabuto becomes an akatsuki member.


Sources : Nja@2ch
Translation : KWGoDのbrucelee @ NF




ナルト 覚悟は出来ている

サソリのスパイだったな裏切り者は死ね とカブトに襲い掛かるマダラ
マダラ  こ…これは…エドテンセイ
棺の中から イタチ・サソリ・デイダラ・カクズ・ナガト

カブト 驚いただろ?この術は2代目火影・オロチ丸様だけが使えた術



tsuande is pigging out to replenish her chakra. kakashi appears
(I) just missed being made hokage
Tsundade calls for a meeting and prepares for war

Naruto visits the fortune telling frog
mainly -you are going to meet an octopus and confront one with powerful eyes.
Can you guess who they are?
Naruto: I’m ready
He gets the key for the kyubi seal

Kabuto confronts madara
Madara: ah Sasori’s old spy, traitors must die. -and with that he attacks kabuto. a summons appears behind madara
Madara: This…this is edotensei!
from the casket comes itachi, sasori, deidera kakuzu and nagato.
Kabuto: You’re surprised right! (KWGOD: aren’t we all!) This is the 2nd’s jutsu and only oro could use it ( Nidaime Hokage’s jutsu ). I have mastered it to a level exceeding those two.
madara let’s work together

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In the meantime, check out these well-written fan predictions:

Written by: jeanericuser

489: Difficult decisions

Naruto is eating at Ichiruku Ramen while the cook watches with pride. Naruto notices and stops to look at him. The cook sees next to Naruto the image of Naruto as a small boy sitting on the stool having ramen. The cook then smiles as the image vanishes.
Cook: “I was just thinking back to when you were a small boy first coming here to have ramen for the first time.”
Naruto: “Yeah those were good times.”
Shikimaru then walks over and pulls up a seat next to Naruto.
Shikimaru: “The others are still shocked by what you said about Sasuke. Do you really think that he is that unbeatable.”
The cook smiles and brings over some food for Shikimaru. Naruto looks down but then puts his food asside and turns to face Shikimaru.
Naruto: “Have you ever truly had to kill a friend or partner Shikimaru?”
Shikimaru: “Sasuke is no longer your friend or partner Naruto.”
Naruto: “You dodged the question. Have you ever truly had to kill a friend or partner?”
Shikimaru thinking: “Where is he going with this?”
Naruto: “You haven’t because like it or not you never have had to make that decision. Sakura was put to that same test as was Kakashi but in both cases they could not do it.”
Shikimaru: “So you are saying that if it came down to killing Sasuke I would not be able to do it?”
Naruto: “You would hesitate like everyone else because like it or not you still are not able to put asside your respect for everyone else. Thus if you had to kill anyone else here you would hesitate just like Sakura did.”
Shikimaru: “And when I hesitate Sasuke would kill me. I get what you are saying now. If any of us try to fight him we will only stop ourselves and try to take him alive. That is why Sasuke would have an advantage over us.”
Naruto nods his head, takes a drink, and then looks at Shikimaru.
Shikimaru: “But what makes you so sure that you can do what we can not?”
Naruto: “Sasuke and I have always been rivals. Always on a competeing level to see who is better. I get strong and Sasuke gets stronger. When we fight we fight until there is almost nothing left to hold us back. We are both equal and in many ways the same so odds are that if and when we do fight again we will fight until neither of us is able to fight back which means either one of has killed the other or probably both of us are dead.”
Shikimaru’s eyes widen as he realizes what Naruto is implying.
Shikimaru: “I understand now. I wish I did not understand now but now I see the burden you carry. I will try to stop the others. If what you suggest is true than we would only be a burden to you when that time comes.”
Naruto starts to eat Ramen again while Shikimaru looks at Naruto.
Shikimaru thinking: “Damn now I feel stupid. This is such a drag.”
Kakashi is visiting Tsunade as she lays on her bed in her room. Tsunade looks up at Kakashi as he enters. Tsunade sits up while kakashi leans against the wall.
Tsunade: “Hokage?”
Kakashi: “I wouldn’t have expected it to happen myself but it seems that is what everyone is leaning towards. The others villages agree on it. The other jonin think it is for the best. Even the elders are convinced. Whether I like it or not I am the next hokage.”
Tsunade: “But do you think you can handle it?”
Kakashi: “There are larger problems for me to be concerned about than mere titles.”
Tsunade: “Its Naruto isn’t it? What happened?”
Kakashi sits down next to Tsunade and looks her straight in the face.
Kakashi: “It seems that history is repeating iself with the Sanin.”
Tsunade: “So Sasuke has sunk that low huh?”
Kakashi: “There is no bringing him back any more. The only solution I can see as an end to this conflict is for Sasuke to die.”
Tsunade: “And with Naruto being similar to Jiraiya, he is determined to face Sasuke to the end just as Jiraiya was willing to only that final conflict never happened.”
Kakashi: “I just don’t know if I can think of any way to stop it.”
Tsunade flashes back to Jiraiya as a young boy as they were getting a picture taken altogether.
Tsunade: “Im sure you will think of something Hokage-sama. Now if you do not mind I need to get some rest. Im still recovering from the fight with pain.” posted in
Kakashi slowly leaves while Tsunade lays back down in her bed. As Tsunade falls assleep one last thought goes through her head as she flashes back to Jiraiya as she last saw him.
Tsunade thinking: “Oh if only you were here Jiraiya. You would know what to do.”

Naruto is wandering through Konoha at night when he suddenly sees a distant looming shadow seem to reach out at him from a distance away. Suddenly snakes move all around him and restraining him as he sees Kabuto moving towards him from the distance. Naruto struggles to reach for his kunai. Kabuto waves his finger at him.
Kabuto: “Relax Naruto. I am not here to kill you. I come to you now as an ally seeking to offer you a deal in exchange for a favor.”
Naruto: “What will this favor cost me exactly?”
Kabuto: “Removal of the bounty placed on my head by Konoha.
Naruto: “And in return what do I get?”
Kabuto: “The one weapon Orochimaru was gonna use if the power of the Uchiha was too great to eliminate by physical means.”
Kabuto reveals a vial containing a purple fluid. Kabuto stands face to face with Naruto only an inch or two away from his face.
Kabuto: “A specificly designed genetic virus to do one thing and one thing only, rob the uchiha of the greatest weapon, their eyes.”
Naruto reaches his kunai but suddenly he finds himself all alone on the street with no one in sight.
Kabuto: “That is my offer. I will await your decision.”

490: Changing of the Guard


Written by: Special One

-Tsunade’s Recovery

(The scene starts off in Konoha… Naruto and Iruka are enjoying bowls of Ramen at Ichiraku.)

Iruka: As always, as of late, we haven’t had much time to talk to together (Iruka smiles).

Naruto: Oh, uh, sorry, it’s just I’ve been really busy…

Iruka: That’s fine. (Iruka puts his hand on Naruto’s shoulder.) I’m proud of you. Saving the village from the likes of Pain, if Jiraiya was here, I’m certain he’d feel the same way that I, as well as the villagers feel… (Naruto shrugs off.) Is something wrong Naruto?

Naruto: Well, that’s not how Shikamaru, Kiba, Neji, and the others feel.

Iruka: Hmm?

Naruto: I mean about Sasuke… I know in my heart that what I’m doing is right, but-(Naruto gets cut off).

Iruka: You’ll pull through, you always do…

Naruto: Iruka sensei…

Naruto (in thought): It’s more than just wanting to stop Sasuke from harming the village and be able to know that I did… I need the power to do so, but at this moment, I’m just not-(Iruka starts talking.)

Iruka: Your ramen will get cold if you don’t eat up…

Naruto: Oh, uh, yeah… Thanks… (Naruto starts to chow down. Immediately, Sakura appears behind Iruka and Naruto, and is ready to tell them of something important.)

Sakura: Iruka sensei! Naruto! HURRY, YOU GUYS HAVE TO COME WITH ME! (Naruto turns his head to face Sakura.)

Naruto: What is it? Can’t it wait? I’ll get to it when I’m done eating… (While Sakura grunts, Naruto turns around and stuffs his face with more ramen, immediately Sakura knocks Naruto upside the head, which causes him to start to choke on his food…) AWWK! AWWK!

Iruka: *Sigh.*

Sakura: It’s Tsunade Sama, I’ve heard that she’s awaken… (Naruto and Iruka turn around to face Sakura… They both have an amazed and shocked look on their faces. The scene switches over to a forested area. The unnamed Konoha shinobi that went to break up Kakashi’s appointment, the two unnamed Anbu, Kakashi, Homura, and Koharu are rushing from the Fire Capital to Konoha.)

Koharu: Hatake, was it really necessary for you to leave the Capital?

Kakashi: Is asking such a question even necessary? This is Tsunade we’re talking about.

Homura: Kohura and I, as advisors, will be enough to inform the lady of her terms. All you need to do is await appointment…

Unnamed shinobi (in thought): Those elders don’t in the least bit sound happy about the Lady’s recovery.

Homura (in thought): So, the Slug Queen awakens… This will put our political climate in quite the predicament. Hopefully, Koharu has my back on this one. (Homura glances over at Koharu, she nods her head as to suggest that an agreement between them is valid.)

Kakashi (in thought): I see, so that’s how things are. Those two, what could they be planning?

(The scene switches back over to Konoha. The scene is outside Tsunade’s cabin. There is a huge crowd gathered outside. Naruto, Sakura, and Iruka make it to the location.)

Sakura: SEE! I told you Naruto! Because of you we have to push our way through!

Naruto: SORRY! I was on a full stomach! (Naruto and Sakura are walking forward, however, the two of them are taken off guard when they picked up on that Iruka is just standing behind them.)

Hey! Aren’t you coming to see granny too!

Iruka: Nahh, I’ll pass… Don’t worry, I’d be kinda off not to see her, but I’ll wait until the crowd dies down. Don’t let me slow you two down.

Naruto: Uh, ok! (Sakrua pulls Naruto by his hand and drags him through the crowd.)

Sakura: Naruto let’s go!

Naruto: Ok, ok, ok! Just don’t grip my hand so tightly!

(Through the crowd, people are glad to see Naruto.)

Some kid: Hey mama, it’s Naruto!

Some man: Naruto, how ya doin man?

Some woman: Hey, over here! You’ve come to see Lady Tsunade too!

(While continuously being dragged through the crowd, Naruto still tries to wave back.)

Naruto: Oh umm… Hi ALL! (Sakura squeezes his arm tighter.) OUCH!

Sakura: There’s no time for this Naruto! (While being pulled through the crowd by Sakura, the rookies can be seen among the crowd standing with their clansmen with the exception of Shikamaru. Both Naruto and Sakrua notices that Kotetsu and Izumo [they don’t notice Naruto and Sakura arriving though] are there standing guard in front of the door… )

Izumo: I think my vocals are going to give out… Can you handle this one?


(As Naruto and Sakura reaches the door, she let’s Naruto go, and Naruto falls to the ground…)

Naruto: Sakrua, jeesh!

Sakura: C’mon, you have to let us see Tsuande Sama…

Kotetsu: Ahh, if it isn’t Naruto?

Izumo: Actually, the Lady has been waiting for you two.

(Sakrua tears up.)

Sakrua: Really? LET’s GO NARUTO! (She grabs Naruto’s arm again.)

Naruto (in thought): Not again… (Dragging Naruto, Sakura bursts into the door. Shizune, Shikamaru, and the unnamed medical ninja are present.)

Shikamaru: Gosh you’re late… Don’t bother running her ears off, I already told her everything that’s going on.

(Sakura starts to cry, she starts wiping her face.)

Sakura: Master, I, I…

Naruto: Granny… (Slight tear up.)

Tsunade: Going by your faces, you two make it seem like I’m still in a coma. (Sakura looks really pathetic, snot running from her nose, tears flowing like a river, and she’s biting her lip to stop herself from moaning.)

Sakrua: *Sob.*

(Shizune has a rest assured face on… Shikamaru looks annoyed yet looks somewhat joyful…)

Next Time: How will the Hokageship go down?

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