How to Make a Television Commercial in 5 Steps by Google TV Ads

As a small-to-medium-enterprise business owner, you might feel that television advertising will never be within your reach. Historically, that has always been the case -- Thanks to Google TV Ads, however, things are now starting to change for the better.

With Google TV ads - Google's newest advertising service, you can now easily make a TV ad for your brand or business, plan a campaign, and reach your customers through the seemingly immense power of television -- All at an affordable price!

How does it work?

Advertisers set a daily budget and a ceiling price they will pay for their ads to be viewed 1,000 times on TV shows (also known as CPM or cost-per-thousand impressions). Google then auctions the TV time slots, so the winning advertiser pays an amount equal to or less than their bids. For a TV program with a weekly audience of 30,000, a $7 CPM would cost around $210.

But first, how do you go about creating an ad? An expert in the field offers his advice.

Jon Bond, co-founder and co-Chairman at creative agency kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners, has spent many years advising clients on their advertising campaigns. His agency had its first acclaim with a groundbreaking advertising campaign for Kenneth Cole and has helped establish Snapple as a household name with the launch of Snapple’s “100% natural” advertising campaign. [via]

In the video below, Jon gives advice to business owners on how to create the right message for their TV ad.

Summary: 5 Steps to Make a Television Commercial

1. Who are we talking to?

Get a clear image of your target audience. Don't try to talk to everyone or you'll end up being relevant to no one.

2. Who are you?

The thing that makes your business special creates a connection between your business and your audience. Convey this message to your target audience.

3. What is your brand's personality?

Now that you have something to say to your target audience, you need to think about how you say it. Make sure the mode or device fits your business' personality.

4. What is the offer?

Every ad needs to end with a call to action. Make an offer with an irresistible value proposition. Brand the call to action to make it memorable. Stick with it forever.

5. Time to Make your Commercial

How long will the TVC be? Base the timing on how much info you need to tell the target audience. Plan the technical details.

I'm in the ad industry myself and I think this is definitely valuable information ~ specially for those who are just starting to explore this advertising platform.
Thank you, Google!

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