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At the risk of piss!ng off Vegans,

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Adult Swim Game's Tofu Hunter

It's just less than a month old but already, the game is stirring up some controversy. It appears that a few Vegan fans of AdultSwim -- even after taking part in that all-too-famous unicorn killing spree (aka Robot Unicorn Attack) -- are feeling a bit offended by the gaming company's sudden decision to pick on the staple food in every vegan's diet: Tofu.

Quoting AbbyElaina of AdultSwim forums, who seemed to have taken it upon herself to speak for vegans on the site:

Normally I have a pretty good sense of humor, I can laugh at myself and my lifestyle. But, being a vegan, I thought this game was retarded. I love adult swim games, but Tofu Hunter really bummed me out. I tried playing a round, thought it may be funny, or at least a clever game poking fun at tofu- but putting horns on tofu and making them gush blood as you kill them- then also mentioning a disclaimer making fun of vegans and animal rights- not clever. It seriously made me not want to play adult swim games anymore. Shared the link with some vegan friends, who also are big adult swim fans, and they were just as bummed as I was. Guys, please stick to dead bodies, hookers, radioactive teddybear zombies and leave vegans alone. Totally uncool.

Interestingly, however, that not all Vegans on AdultSwim ended up as turned off by the game as AbbyElaina was. PSTM shares,

I'm a strict vegetarian and am loving this game, no idea what the vegans problems are. If you reasons are rights based (which they should be) then fictionalized violence shouldn't be offensive, the problem is with actual violence. And if you enjoy playing games with fictionalized violence against humans then you shouldn't have a problem with tofu hunter. The game doesn't really make a mockery of animal rights either. can't remember who said it but the majority of the population not being vegetarian does not make for a solid argument agaisnt vegetarianism. It does mean something though, it means almost everyone's an immoral bastard.

Happybag agrees:

Exactly. There is nothing wrong with this game at all. I'm sure Adult Swim meant nothing harmful to vegans. They just wanted to create a fun game for people. I don't understand how it's offensive at all. All it is are cubes of tofu with antlers on running around and your job is to shoot them with a wide variety of guns. How is that any way offensive to Vegans? Do you seriously believe Adult Swim thinks vegans go out and shoot tofu creatures?


Anyway, back to the game...

What's Tofu Hunter all about?
[Description, Instructions and Screen Grabs - Courtesy of AdultSwim]

In Tofu Hunter, you take that alternate-reality truth one step further, donning camouflage gear and going on safari where the tofu beasts roam, hunting them for sport, bragging rights, and sustenance.

In the Weapons Depot pick two guns to mow down the helpless Tofu.
Aim your reticle with the mouse and shoot with the left mouse button.
Choose your weapons by clicking on either weapon.
When your ammo has been depleted, click on the weapon to reload.
Meet your Tofu quota each day to progress to the next round.

Here are some tips:

Shoot a Tofu Doe (no horns), and you fail --

Kill bonus beasts to rack up extra points.
Pop off a Soy Milk for a +5 sec. time bonus.

Want to hunt some tofu? Click HERE.

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