Youtube Has A New Player - Again! As of April 29, 2010

I visited Youtube just a while ago to watch a demo video of Bounce Evolution for Nokia N900 and look at what greeted me:

Youtube Has a New Player! Click on the screengrab for full view

Yes! Just a little less than 4 months since its last on-site player revamp, Youtube decided to altogether release a new one today. Note though that most of the changes made are on the aesthetics-side with no new buttons or functions added.

Here's the old player from the January 2010 revamp for comparison:

Youtube Player from January 2010 Update, Click screengrab to enlarge

Here are the noticeable changes from the old player to the new:

1. The Play Bar (or whatever that's called) is now transparent ala aero.
2. When you hover your mouse over the volume button, control thrusts outwards to the side instead of upwards.
3. Video display resolution control is now transparent, again, ala aero.

That's it, I believe. Let me know if you notice other changes. Please leave your comment below.

And by the way, if you're wondering, no changes have been made on embedded Youtube players:

Credit: The Youtube Blog

I like the new on-site player. I think it's definitely a step forward from the old one -- looks-wise, at least.

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  1. Only some video players have changed to the new look, with the others (including the embedded ones) changing only slightly- the volume icon has moved from the right to the left (fitting with the new look) just thought i'd point that out! :)

  2. Why Fix something that isn't broken?

  3. i'm not a big fan of change tbh - like stated b4, why fix something that isn't broken? I'm still pissed off that i have to click the drop down menu to access my subscriptions! at least the subscriptions aren't automatically on autoplay now :p

  4. there are times when you click some of the recommended videos on the side, the new player doesnt go with it ,still the old one is in.


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