Find Your Voting Precinct for National Elections 2010 Using Google's Find Your Precinct Service

In the spirit of public service - it seems, Google has just launched an online tool simply named "Find Your Precinct" where voters for the 2010 Philippine National Elections like yourself (hopefully) can find the exact address and location on the map of their voting precincts.

You may also contribute to the service by placing locations of each voting center on the Google map shown on the site. Your contribution greatly helps others find their precinct voting center too.

Here's how it works:

1. Visit

2. Fill in City/Municipality box

(Sample) Credit: Google

3. Fill in Precinct Number box (Your precinct number is found on your Voter's ID and/or that strip of paper that Comelec gave you as proof of registration.)

(Sample) Credit: Google

4. Click Find Voting Center button.

5. Results will give you the address of your precinct as well as the number of registered voters who will be serviced by the site.

(Sample) Credit: Google

6. Pin the location of the voting center on the map provided to help other find their precinct on election day.

That's it.

Thank you, Google!

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