PEP: Philippine Entertainment Portal - Still The Most Popular Showbiz Website in the Philippines - Based on Alexa Stats !

Despite experiencing a very slight drop in traffic during first three months of 2010 vs. numerous peaks in 2009, PEP: The Philippine Entertainment Portal remains to be the most popular* showbiz website in the Philippines based on Alexa traffic rankings.

But first: What is Alexa?

Alexa Internet grew out of a vision of Web navigation that is intelligent and constantly improving with the participation of its users. Along the way Alexa has developed an installed based of millions of toolbars, one of the largest Web crawls and an infrastructure to process and serve massive amounts of data.

Alexa is continually crawling all publicly available web sites to create a series of snapshots of the Web. We use the data we collect to create features and services:

Site Information: Traffic rankings, pictures of sites, links pointing to sites and more

Related Links: Sites that are similar to the one you are currently viewing

Alexa has been crawling the Web since early 1996, and we have continually increased the amount of information that we gather. We are currently gathering approximately 1.6 Terabytes (1600 gigabytes) of Web content per day. After each snapshot of the Web, which takes approximately two months to complete, Alexa has gathered 4.5 Billion pages from over 16 million sites.

*A measure of a website's popularity in a specific country [...] is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews from users from that country over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1 in that country. [via Alexa]

Credit: Pep

PEP Leads the Pack

As of 5:30 pm, April 2, 2010, PEP sits on the 7,034th spot in Alexa Global Traffic Ranking and ranks number 52 in the Philippines. In this position, PEP easily hovers all other strictly showbiz themed websites and blogs in the country to become the number 1 Philippine showbiz website based on traffic and reach. The two strongest competition of PEP in this category, as of the moment, are:

1. PinoyParazzi, which has a global ranking of 78,160 and ranks number 324 in the Philippines and...

2. Starmometer, which has a global ranking of 59,616 and ranks number 326 in the Philippines.

Here's a comparative chart of their 3-months worth of 2010 traffic:

Credit: Alexa Internet

Looking at this chart, there's no denying that PEP currently leads and reigns over the Philippine Showbiz Online News pack. However, I have to hand it to one-man-team Chris Diestro of Starmometer for the sheer hardwork and dedication that he put into making his website one of the strongest contenders in this category.

Congrats to PEP, PinoyParazzi and Starmometer! The people behind these sites are plain amazing.

DISCLAIMER: Statistics presented in this post are publicly available online via Alexa Internet website. Again, this post merely collates information publicly available online.

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