Logo Design : What Makes a Good Logo? Let the CROWD Do it for You!

Every good business or venture has one, that little graphic or sign that represents it: A logo.

Some of the most popular and recognizable logos in the world today.

Perhaps because logos have become way too familiar in our lives, a lot of entrepreneurs fall for the grave mistake of overlooking the importance of investing in one - particularly, in a good one.

A logo symbolizes a company and reinforces a brand image like no string of words can. But a good logo does more than that; It inspires. It is largely because of this why big companies spend millions of dollars each year to develop their logos and make it meet the challenges of changing times while maintaining the very essence of its design.

But what makes a good logo, exactly?

Creating an original and at the same time effective logo is a daunting task that often leads to failures more than successes. Really, logo-making is not for the lazy nor the faint of heart.

This statement by Paul Rand, the legendary creator of the IBM logo, pretty much captures what logo-making - as an artform - is all about:

[G]ood ideas rarely come in bunches. The designer who voluntarily presents his client with a batch of layouts does so not out prolificacy, but out of uncertainty or fear. He thus encourages the client to assume the role of referee. In the event of genuine need, however, the skillful designer is able to produce a reasonable number of good ideas. But quantity by demand is quite different than quantity by choice. Design is a time-consuming occupation.

While hardwork and dedication to the craft seem to be the key values one must have to create logos that work, it seems that there's no magic formula nor a single design methodology or philosophy one can implement to make sure that a logo will be effective. One can only turn to design experts to get a hint of what makes a logo particularly good;

Quoting Design Magnate, Stephen Gilliat:

"[A logo] should look just as good in 15-foot letters on top of company headquarters as it does one sixteenth of an inch tall on company stationery."

'Circuslife', one of the winningest and most sought-after logo-makers of crowdSPRING, on the other hand, gives premium to economy and simplicity of design:

"If you ask me what makes a strong logo, I'll tell you that if a child can scribble your logo without losing its essence, then it's strong. A strong logo doesn't rely on colors -- if the design is solid, colors will pop out in the mind of the viewer even when they are not on the artwork itself. A strong logo doesn't just represent -- it inspires."

And again, quoting Paul Rand - who deeply believed that design should always hold meaning,

"Without aesthetic, design is either the humdrum repetition of familiar clich├ęs or a wild scramble for novelty. Without the aesthetic, the computer is but a mindless speed machine, producing effects without substance. Form without relevant content, or content without meaningful form."

Letting the Crowd Create a Logo for your Company

Since Logo-making is a not a particularly simple task, business owners should definitely consider looking at numerous logo designs before settling for one. Note however that logo design is not constituted merely of one or two elements like colors or fonts but likewise of the overall philosophy and meaning behind it.

While a single logo-maker can create numerous designs that a client can choose from, often, it's best to turn to a number of designers to get the best results. Before the internet, this entailed sizable design expenses --- much to the chagrin of the small business owner. Nowadays, via online crowdsourcing sites, achieving this couldn't be easier and cheaper.

Enter crowdSPRING:

Need a logo? Try crowdSPRING!

By helping logo buyers and business-owners reach countless creatives across the globe, we're changing the game for the little guy. Now small businesses, one-man shops and individuals anywhere can tap into a global pool of creatives. In fact, we're so convinced that global talent pool will give your project new ideas, different perspectives and a far better final product - we guarantee it.

crowdSPRING is a little company with big dreams based in Chicago - one of the greatest cities in the world. Founded by Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson, crowdSPRING was started to help people from around the world access creative talent, and to help creatives from across the globe find new customers.

With backgrounds in both the creative industry and law, crowdSPRING is a labor of love for a team that believes strongly in the creative process and the protection of intellectual property. We left no stone unturned - from free, binding legal contract generation for every transaction and advanced digital watermarking to a built-in, secure escrow service and a feedback rating system - we tried to make a safe environment for both Buyers and Creatives alike.

Thanks to crowdSPRING, small business owners and those with relatively small budget to spend on a good logo now have a place to turn to for designs that are effective and inspiring. Finally, good logos are now at arm's reach of everyone.

So if you're in need of a logo for your project or business, visit crowdSPRING now! Post your design project, name your price and watch 50,000+ designers submit ideas.
A great logo is a great way to get your company seen, using this logo on promotional products and other free giveaways can be a great way to spread the word.

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