Make Windows 7 Boot Faster in 10 Easy Steps

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DISCLAIMER: Try this at your own risk.

How to make Windows 7 Boot Faster in 10 Easy Steps:

1. Press Windows Key + R to open "Run" dialog window (alternatively, you can click on Start button and put cursor on search bar)

2. Type msconfig into the text box (or on the Start search bar). Press Enter.

3. Click on Boot tab on top

NOTE: If you're running a multi-boot system, make sure that the operating system you want to make these adjustments on is selected.

The two key tabs for making Windows 7 boot faster:

4. Click on Advanced Options... button.

5. Tick the Number of Processors check box and select the maximum number of core processors.

6. Tick the Maximum Memory check box and on the box below, put the amount of RAM on which your system runs on. (e.g. 2GB is 2048, 1GB is 1024, 3GB is 3072, 4GB is 4096)

7. Click OK button.

8. Now, click on Start-up tab on top.

9. There you will see all programs that start-up when you boot Windows 7. Uncheck programs that you think you don't need to start as soon as the system boots. Don't uncheck PC security programs like Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware software.

10. Click OK to exit System Configuration and Restart your computer.

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