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UPDATE: Naruto Manga 493 is OUT now!
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STATUS: Confirmed
Credits : Ohana
Translator : Nightjumper

Naruto VS Naruto
It’s not settled.

A Rai-nin(mediator) begins telling the story about when someone tried to kill Bee…

Just what happened 30 years ago…

Bee has been wearing sunglasses since he was a kid

On the SJ cover is Naruto and young Naruto


STATUS: Pending Verification

*The WSJ cover is to celebrate Naruto volumes breaking the 100 million copy mark, as the 5th manga to ever do that.
*Parts of the previous ohana spoiler is her talking about the new Naruto Movie coming out soon. So it has no relation to the chapter.
*The chapter title is Yami (darkness) Naruto and the chapter cover is of Naruto on the left side and Evil Naruto on the right.
*Evil Naruto is a perfect copy of Naruto, so when Naruto does the Kage Bunshin technique, Evil Naruto does it at the exact same time.
*Zetsu’s appearance was a mistake(?). He doesn’t appear atleast.

The title is evil naruto
The manga cover is of evil naruto
naruto and evil naruto has the same powers and thier a equal match
yamato can only see naruto sitting
minatos constume to onaji?i want to see it
then says smtin abt zetsu’s not coming out
(i kinda cant read kanji this my best)

To cerebrate naruto volumes breaking the 100mil copy mark
(And there are) kakashi and naruto key holders (keys traps?)
as for the movie, they show minato costume, the mask(s?) etc
493  闇ナルト!!
左がナルト 右が闇ナルト
the chapter title is yami (darkness) naruto
the chapter cover
naruto on the left yami naruto on the right
>>86 ポポが作った人形ゴクウみたいに 同じ力でぶつかりあうから決着はつかないの。
90 :ohana like the goku doll bobo made, its the clash of identical powers that it wont come to an end. when naruto shadow clones yami-naruto does the same.
to yamatos it appears that narutos just sitting there.

STATUS: Pending Verification

Naruto fights against his dark version who represents his hatred. They both call each other the fake Naruto.
Meanwhile, Bee is beating some huge bears at Sumo and Hachibi tells Bee that he should help Naruto. Hachi says he hates Kyubi but that Hachi used to be bad back in the day before meeting Bee. Bee tells himto shut up and say he won’t accept that idiot who insults rap. This part ends with Bee saying “Plus he…”
Naruto and Yami-Naruto are evenly matched in everything and Naruto wakes up and explains the situation to Yamato and Motoi.(the battle was all in Naruto’s mind, BTW) Motoi explains that you can’t control the Bijuu unless you can win this fight. Naruto asks about Bee and Motoi explains how Bee was hated by everyone but got over it by learning how to express himself. And also that he was able to put up with it because he didn’t want to make his brother, the Raikage, look bad. Basically, he accepted the sacrifice for his brother’s sake. Naruto asks Motoi to ask Bee to help him but Motoi says he can’t. The reason being that Motoi once tried to kill Bee. Next week will focus on a tragic situation that happened 30 years ago…

A little more information. Yami-Naruto says that the Kyubi likes him a lot more than Naruto, and you get to see a shot of a Young Raikage and a Goofy Bee as a kid.

Title of the chapter is “Yami-Naruto”, or “Dark Naruto”.

STATUS: Unconfirmed Spoiler

Naruto and Evil Naruto will talk, not fight. The other Naruto is just in his mind or whatever I believe.

Second phase of the training begins, and or we have some war/akatsuki

Sasukes eyes not yet revealed.

Read Naruto Manga 492 : Greetings via the link

We don't have the confirmed spoiler for Naruto Manga 493 as yet. In the meantime, you might want to read this well-written fan prediction by The Special One:

Written by: The Special One

-Trial One

(Naruto faces his evil clone.)

Naruto: What the hell? (Naruto opens his eyes and turns to face Motoi.) Hey dude, what the heck is going on?

Motoi: Those are your inner thoughts manifested into physical form. It’s not a stretch to assume that the person standing before you, is- (Naruto cuts him off.)

Naruto: What!? (He closes eyes to face his evil clone again.)

Evil Naruto: Ku, Ku, Ku… Why are you acting sooo brand neew? The villagers of Konoha screeeeaming MY NAME! WHAT PESTS! Weaklings who feared you and tormented you! Yet when you save their lives, they instantly own up to allllll the things that they’ve done to you! Heh, Heh. People who don’t know how to fight for themselves huddle under the warmth of their greatest enemy as long as it extends their lives! They’re just vermin! I HATE THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE THE MOST! Isn’t that riiight! Me? Ku, ku, ku…

(Evil Naruto clenches his fists and puts on an evil grin. Naruto falls on his butt in a chilling excitement. His teeth are chattering wildly, so he opens his eyes again to escape that sight. The screen then focuses on Yamato.)

Yamato: To think Kumogakure has this kind of technology in their homeland, unbelievable….

Motoi: Well this is just one of those mysterious wonders of the shinobi world. It’s by chance that we came across it in our homeland.

Yamato (in thought): Hmm, Myobokuzan must be part of one of those natural wonders as well. (The screen focuses on to Naruto.)

Naruto: Hey! What does this have to do with being able to control the fox! (Motoi explains from a distance.)

Motoi: The 1st step to controlling the Bijuu is being a clean slate. In order to be able to filter out the instincts and mind of the Bijuu, you must not have characteristics that will latch on to the Bijuu’s will. If you can face the waterfall and generate a reflection that matches the outer image of yourself, then the first step is accomplished. As a host, it is easy to of had your heart tainted by those who’ve shunned you. With that, this makes this step very difficult to come to terms with.

Naruto: So that’s how it is. (Naruto steadies himself.) Alright you look alike, I’m going to show you, or myself who I really am, inside and out!

Motoi: That’s the spirit!

(Naruto closes his eyes again. Evil Naruto grins again, the scene switches over to inside Killer Bee’s quarters. It is a very simple room of 1500 square ft. Four cemented walls, an end table in the middle, and a bed situated in a corner of the room. Killer Bee’s Rhyme book is sitting on the middle of the table. Killer Bee is sleeping in his bed; snoring loudly. He is sleeping on his face with samehada lying in a corner near Killer Bee’s other two short-swords. The scene switches to inside Samehada.)

Kisame (in thought): Perfect… Just perfect… The Hachibi is all alone, out like a cat… This idiot failed to notice my physical appearance is not by accident. (Kisame fuses with Samehada and walk towards Killer Bee.) Now, I’ll cut off both legs and both arms. (In Kisame’s transformed form, he lowers his arcing blade on his right arm near Killer Bee’s legs, however a right hook connects against Kisame’s face and slings him across the room, breaking through the table, and soon enough, crashing into a wall.)

Kisame: AHHH! (Kisame soon notices that Killer Bee’s eyes are closed. Killer Bee finishes sitting up and gets off of the bed.) Is he, sleeping walking? And just when I thought I had enough problems on my hands… But that’s ok, I just have to take him out…

(Inside Killer Bee’s head, he is floating through the air, with Hachibi shouting at him.)


(The scene switches back to outside. Killer Bee is walking forward with his arms out. He is mumbling.)

Killer Bee: *mumble* Bro, stop… I said I was sorry, I won’t run away again… NOOO! NOT THE IRON CLAW! (Killer then rushes at the wall ahead of him at fast speeds, nearing Kisame’s location. Kisame’s surprised, so he moves out of the way, as Killer Bee’s fist punches the wall, which leaves a large fist print in it. Kisame looks at Killer Bee.)

Kisame: Sleep fighting? I don’t want to use jutsu because of the risk of being detected. This guy just makes things that much more difficult for me. (Kisame rushes to Killer Bee’s right side, and swings his arcing blade up high near Killer Bee’s head, however Killer Bee ducks much to the dismay of Kisame, quickly turns around and upper cuts Kisame, sending him into the ceiling, which then begins to break apart.)

Killer Bee: Well, I’m not gonna take my punishment willy nilly…

(A large chunk of falling debris falls on Killer Bee’s head, and wakes him up.)

Killer Bee: OUTCH! (Killer Bee then looks up and notices that Kisame is wiggling his body trying to get out of his bind. (Killer Bee looks up, then looks down.) I gotta give up the whiskey yeah!

Hachibi (from inside): BEE, you are not dreaming! That leech sucked away all my chakra! (Kisame then wiggles free and lands back on the floor.)

Killer Bee: Fish Face! I thought I closed your case!

Kisame: Heh, heh… It’s a long story. I rather not bore you with such a long winded tale. I’ll just say, Samehada weakened your Bijuu’s chakra to the point that it isn’t much of a meal. Now that your chakra isn’t tasty anymore… (Kisame smirks and points at himself) I think you know what that means… (Immediately the door is blown apart and a large, green muscular figure flies through the air and lands near Kisame.)

Kisame: You..You’re…

Gai: Konoha Gouriki Senpuu! (Gai does a quick round house kick and sends Kisame into another wall, this time the wall cracks completely and Kisame falls over. Meanwhile Aoba walks through the blown apart doorway.)

Aoba: Our rooms are right nearby. We heard what was going on with all of the racket and sent for back-up… Are you ok Mr. Killer Bee? (Kisame sits up and rubs his face and looks at Gai.)

Kisame: So, it’s you again, you Bizarre Beast… No holding back now that I’ve been discovered. SO, what do you say, you simple minded animal?

Gai: Sorry, who are you again?

Kisame: Oh I’ll tear you up nice and good for that one.

Next Time: Gai vs. Kisame Part II. By Special One

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