Microsoft Ends Support for Windows Vista RTM SP0

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Last Tuesday saw Microsoft finally ending support for the original Windows Vista release.

This means that all Vista users now need to run either Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2 to get assistance from Microsoft.

"Windows Vista with no service packs installed (sometimes referred to as RTM or SP0) will be reaching end of support on April 13th. [...]

[W]hen a service pack reache[s] the end of support, customers [a]re no longer eligible to receive troubleshooting help from Microsoft Customer Service and Support, including assisted telephone support, security updates, or non-security hotfixes."

- via Microsoft Support LifeCycle Blog

Nevertheless, Microsoft will still offer limited troubleshooting for Windows Vista RTM with the goal of helping customers move up to a supported version of the software.

So to all Windows Vista Release to Manufacturing (RTM) users who refuse to upgrade to Windows 7, I suggest you at least get the latest Vista service pack. Keep in mind that only supported versions of the OS will get important updates such as security packs and bug fixes.

How to get latest Windows Vista Service Pack? Click on the link to find out.

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