Sex Scandal : Still a Very Popular Keyword in the Philippines

Consider this a wake up call, if you will.

Ever since Google started offering Insights for Search in 2004 -- that's 7 long years from then till 2010, if my arithmetic serves me right, the Philippines has consistently held the topmost position vs. all other countries in the world, year after year, for interest in the search keyword "sex scandal". And mind you, based on Google Insights figures, the Philippines didn't just lead in this category -- it completely blew the competition out of the water.

Proof? Here.

Here's the Top 10 Regional Interest List for the Keyword "Sex Scandal"
from January 2004 to April 2010 (source: Google Insights for Search)

1. Philippines 100
2. Bangladesh 18
3. Nepal 14
4. Pakistan 13
5. India 12
6. Singapore 10
7. Malaysia 9
8. United Arab Emirates 5
9. Nigeria 4
10. Viet Nam 4

Trivia: According to Insights for Search results (publicly available), some of the most searched sex scandals in the Philippines are as follows (in random order):

1. Ethel Booba scandal of 2005
2. Hayden Kho scandal of 2009
3. Edison Chen scandal of 2008
4. Criselda Volks scandal of 2008
5. "Canister" scandal of 2008

And here's the "Sex Scandal" geographical interest chart for the same time period:

Absolutely. Incredible.

Meanwhile, from January 2004 to April 2010 --
India led the world in interest in the keywords "C++", "Javascript", "SEO", "iPhone Programming" and "HTML" while Vietnam took top position in interest in the keyword "Blog".

TP Reader, why do you think this is so? Why the interest in such keyword? Will the Philippines ever give other countries the chance to rule over this category? Please leave comment below.

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