Nokia Philippines Demos Nokia C3, C6 and E5 - Photos from the Event, More Photos of Each Device

What do you do when Nokia sends you an invite to attend a product demo?

You attend.

So at around 12:30 pm last Friday, right after my client meeting in Ortigas (for the events and publishing company I run), I hurried to Makati to try out three new phones that Nokia Philippines was demoing for the media -- Nokia C3, C6 and E5.

Here are the official press shots of these three handsome yet modestly-priced phones that are sure to take the Philippines by storm upon release within the year:

Read Nokia C3, C6 and E5 specifications and pricing info in Europe via the link.

I ran late for the event but fortunately, Jay Luna - TP's guest photographer and a decendant of both Juan Luna and Antonio Luna, National Heroes - reached Outback Glorietta 4, the Nokia demo venue, a full 30-minutes ahead of me and was kind enough to hold out TP's fort while I was still on the road. Check out some of the photos he took from the event.

Nokia Corporate Communications Manager Nikka Abes, and Nokia Product Manager Mike Smith:

Mike with Nokia E5:

Mike showing us Nokia C3:

Me, the man behind TechPinas:

Keypad of Nokia E5 - Quite plump keys - Very easy to type on.

Back panel of Nokia E5 - 5 Megapixel Camera? Check!

I had a chat with Nikka after the demo and she told me that these phones will be...

1. Very affordable upon release (albeit we don't have any official Philippine SRP as of yet)

2. Ideal for users who want to stay connected with their online communities like Facebook and Twitter on the move as all three phones support Wifi connectivity.

Here are my thoughts on each phone:

1. Nokia C3 -

This one dons the form factor of some of the most successful phones under Nokia's relatively expensive E-line ~ like Nokia E71 and Nokia E63 ~ but comes with a price tag of an entry-level release. It's also the first device to bring a full QWERTY keypad to the Series 40 platform and the first Nokia handset to enable access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter directly on the homescreen.

Given its estimated price of only 90 Euros (or Php 5,480 with current conversion), it should do very well in the Philippines.

2. Nokia C6

Some of you have asked me if this will be Nokia's response to Samsung's relatively well-received Corby Pro -- let me tell you now: the comparison is not even remotely fair. Having tried both C6 and Corby Pro, I'd say (and this is my opinion) that Nokia C6 slays Corby Pro in every way you can imagine; form factor, touchscreen quality, operating system, slide mechanism quality, name it.

Heck, I think Nokia C6's build and slider function even beats that of Nokia N97 and N97 mini (, which is in itself an amazing feat considering C6 will most likely have a price tag less than half that of N97 Mini upon release) -- but that's just me.

3. Nokia E5

While I'm not so sure if Nokia E5's form factor is really a step up from the undeniably svelte and sophisticated design of Nokia E72, E5's homescreen definitely offers an improvement -- it's now made simpler and more efficient.

Like all other Nokia E-line releases it succeeded, Nokia E5 is ideal for users who demand high quality business features on a phone that also has personal networking and entertainment capabilities.

Nokia E5 comes with an estimated price tag of 180 Euros (or Php 10,950 with current conversion, before taxes), which is totally not bad for business phone.

There you go.

Oh, and yes, I also had the sheer pleasure of talking to Rico of and Alexei of BridgesPR at the event -- amazing people, really. :)

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  1. can't wait for these three! any word for its release here in the philippines?

  2. ^

    No exact release date yet. :) But they will arrive in Pinas within the year.

    Please stay tuned for updates

  3. im excited! 'hope the cellphone outlets will really sell the phones in its Suggested Retail Price!

    when will it be available?

  4. Philippine Launch will be on July 30. I wonder how much would be the price though. I read one blog and it said that SM would sell c3 for P7500..

  5. when will nokia c6 will be released?and how much is it?anybody know?

  6. it's 15,000....and i dont when it will be release?any comments


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