iPod Nano 5G Philippines - Price Update, Promo Video

Just an iPod Nano 5th Generation Philippine Price Update.

“iPod nano is the world’s most popular music player with over 100 million sold,”
said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO.
“And now we’ve added a video camera to its incredibly thin design,
without any additional cost to the user.”

The latest version iPod nano -- released in September 2009.
Now rocking a video camera, a polished anodized aluminum finish, and a larger screen.
Also making its debut: FM radio with Live Pause.

We have two variants of this Nano in the Philippines: The 8GB and the 16GB versions.

Here are the prevailing prices (as of April 2010 via Apple Store Online):

2,000 songs / 8 hours of video
Price: ₱ 8,790.00*

4,000 songs / 16 hours of video
Price: ₱ 10,490.00*

*NOTE: Fast, free shipping on orders over ₱ 3,000 via Apple Online Store Philippines. Free laser engraving available on all new iPod models. [*via]

Here's an iPod Nano 5th Generation official promo video from Apple:

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  1. i hope 6g would have a better video camera and would be capable of taking pictures


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