LG Lollipop GD580 - Price, Specs - Spotted in the Philippines !

This post is for yayfriday who sent TP this inquiry via Twitter during the wee hours in the morning of March 9, 2010:

@techpinas Is LG Lollipop already out in the Philippine market?
2:58 AM Mar 9th via web

Yayfriday, LG Lollipop GD580 Clamshell phone has been spotted in the Philippines! ~ CMKCellphone currently sells it for Php 12,100 via their official website.

Fall head over heels in love with LG Lollipop's sweet hues and enchanting LED lights! Targeted at young and young-at-heart mobile users, Lollipop comes in three color versions: Aqua Blue, Cutie Pink and “Boyish Titanium” (whatever that is). On the case, LG Lollipop has 220 tiny LEDs that can display various cutesy patterns like hearts, animals and cars among others.

Here are the main specs:

Dimensions: 106.5 x 51.5 x 13.4 mm
Weight: 92g
2.8 inch TFT internal display with 240 x 400 pixels
Media player
3MP camera
1.3MP secondary camera (for video calls)
MicroSD card support
CDMA and HSDPA connectivity

There you go. :)

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  1. i've been waiting for this for a long time!!!! woohoo!!!!

  2. oh, can i just ask, if i buy this in Hongkong, will i be able to use it here? i mean, is there an unlock code already or something? thanks.

  3. ^


    There are GSM networks in HongKong, I believe.

  4. i've got another concern. i went to LG at Megamall and I kinda told them I was planning to buy the Lollipop in Hongkong. The sales attendant I was talking to told me it would be risky because there are only a few LG cellphone models that can be open-lined and there are no authorized agents that do this. He even told me that some parts of the cellphone may be replaced with non-original ones while it is being open-lined. Is this true? Is it really unsafe to buy a unit from another country and have it open-lined?

  5. kapag inoopenLine ang Lahat ng kLae ng phone hindi po ito inoopen ng screws or whatever..pag nagpaopenline ka..thru usb and thru computer..it wouLd be risky xe nde marame ang nagoopenLine ng Lg sa phiLippines.. sa greenhiLLs particuLarLy..pero hirap maghanap..baka pagbiLi mo nde mo din magamit kase nga matagL bago makahanap ng software para maiopenline ang lg phones..

  6. wahahaha! i want this badLy.. san kaya akO makakabiLe ng 8000 Lang.. syempre yung brandnew..i guess waLa pa..pero sana bumaba na yung price nya..hehe..maxadong pricey for not a wifi phone..pero sobrang cute taLaga..than lollipop 2..yun lollipop 2 mukang maxadong pambata ang appearance although maganda yung colors nya..hehe! saka masyadong girLy ang dating.. :)

  7. may nakita aqng lg lollipop 8k lng xa... pero doubt aq dun kc same ung itsura nia ng gd580... pero ung 8k f350 ang nklgay... prng kf350 na tinanggal lng ang "K"

  8. I lost my LG Lollipop headset, does anyone here know where to buy this accessories? Thank you in advanced

  9. it's definitely not true, i was able to buy an lg gd580 in one of the biggest malls in HK converted at P6,000+ and it works perfectly fine from the time i tested it with my globe sim up to this time. there's no need for it to be open-lined. just make sure to buy your unit inside the mall and not in one of their night markets (to make sure that it's original), have it tested with your pinoy sim before purchasing and ask for a receipt. it comes with 1yr. warranty but of course, is limited to HK. happy cp shopping! :)

  10. OMG!!!!! i soooo want this for my b-day...sna nmn bilhan ako ng daddy ko..::))

  11. magkanu po yan lollipop ng lg?

  12. magkanu po yang LG lollipop dito sa pinas at san makakabili?//

  13. oooooAusome!!! I really wamt this phone..I saw another version of this at SM fairview it was LG GD570 but same price.

  14. i have lg lollipop benta ko sau 8k pink sya good as new may 5months waranty pa nid ko lang talga cash tx me 09162754611

  15. Meron p bng lg lollipop d2 s pinas? san makakabili?


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