Ninja Saga 2010 Facebook Hit! Basic Information, User Interface Screengrabs

With 3,701,206 fans and likes from FB users worldwide (as of 4:08 PM, April 28, 2010) -- a third of which, I believe, come from the Philippines, Ninja Saga is now inarguably a Facebook hit.

For those who have yet to get hooked on the game, consider this TP post your crash course to Ninja Saga.

"What's Ninja Saga, anyway?"

Ninja Saga by Emagist Entertainment is an alpha version Web Role Playing Game that is inspired by the popular anime, Naruto.

"Ninja Saga is a very thrilling and interesting RPG as it allows players to interact with one another, and at the same time enjoy the storyline. We are very positive that once RPG gamers try this new game, they will be fascinated by the new characters, challenging quests, cool items and weapons, customization preferences, and the audio and visual effects used in the online game," shares Emagist.

Ninja Saga is a casual RPG that everyone can enjoy. One of its spectacular features is that it even has a live PvP (Player versus Player), which makes it stands out among other competitors who only offer offline PvP.

There are different places for the players to visit and different missions to complete, making it more exciting and very challenging to the online gamer.

"Our goal is to make RPG gamers really feel the presence and impact of the newest online game, most especially if they are fans of the Naruto anime. We want them to have a fantastic and enjoyable time playing Ninja Saga."

Created by an experienced team of game designers, illustrators, and developers, they made every effort to ensure that even all of the small details are created and tested well enough for maximum gameplay satisfaction to all international RPG gamers who will be playing the game. [via Ninja Saga Official Website]

Here are grabs taken from different sections of the game's User Interface:

Choose your player!

As you can see, you can create several players with just one account.

The Map

1. Kage Room
Where you can engage in graded missions and special events

2. Academy
Where you can buy and learn Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu

3. Shop
Where you can buy and sell weapons, costumes and items

4. Style Shop
Where you can customize your hair style, hair colour and skin colour (Premium User only)

5. Arena
Where you can challenge your friends and practise in real-time with other ninjas in the village

6. Recruit Friends
Where you can recruit friends to join you as a party to fight battles and complete missions

7. Headquarters
Where you can apply for Ninja Emblem, and convert Tokens into Gold

8. Battle
Where you can engage in missions, start a quick practice battle with enemies, challenge your friends, and practise in real-time with fellow ninjas.


This is where we can view the Character's stats, attributes and wealth are shown.
Where you can invest / reset your attribute points.
HP (Health Points): decrease as you take damage from attacks
CP (Chakra Points): decrease as you use Jutsu in battles
XP (Experience Points): accumulate through missions and battles. Needed for level advancement
Gold: In-game currency obtained by completing missions and winning battles
Token: In-game currency which can be purchased here
Agility: the bigger the value, the quicker the character's action
Critical: the chance of attacks to become a critical strike
Dodge: the chance of your character to dodge an attack


Where you can find and change the weapons and costumes you own
Displays the gears you own and the damage it can cause
Also displays the details of the highlighted gear


Where you can find the items you own
Displays the consumable items you own
Displays the details of the highlighted item


Where you can view and use your Jutsus or special moves
This page displays the details of the Jutsus you own.


Where you can adjust sound volume and graphic quality

Invite Page

Invite your friends and claim rewards that you will find helpful when playing the game.

Ninja Saga Game Goal and its Educational Benefits:

In Ninja Saga, the game character starts with goal-driven missions of an adolescent kid aspiring to be recognized and acknowledged by everyone as the Kage or the leader of all ninjas.

As a multi-player game, Ninja Saga is a great place for players to improve their inter-personal or social skills. In the game, they will certainly learn the importance of teamwork when they cooperate with friends to complete missions.

The game also facilitates analytical thinking of players, especially when they estimate which missions to complete, which skills to learn, which attacks to employ and which items to buy in order to maximize the characters' abilities.

Watch this Ninja Saga Clan Battle video to get an idea of how the game works:

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post: Ninja Saga Elements Guide and NS Tricks and Tips!

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