iPad Unboxing Videos Hit the Web - Apple iPad Begins Shipping !!

Finally, after nine solid years in the making, Apple iPad is now out for public consumption

Starting today, Apple fans in the US should be able purchase the iPad straight from retail stores. Likewise, those who pre-ordered their units via Apple Online Store should be receiving their units by now.

Peeps lining up at Apple's 5th Avenue store to purchase the much anticipated slate
Credit: CNET - Greg Sandoval

Following the iPad release frenzy, iPad unboxing videos have started to hit the web. Here are a few good ones:

Early iPad Unboxing Video by PCMag


I'm still mulling over purchasing one, honestly -- still reflecting upon TP's 8 Reasons to BUY the iPad and 8 Reasons NOT to buy it. If you're in the Philippines [or anywhere else other than the US, for that matter] and you're also having second thoughts about getting your unit, it's OK. There's still time to think about the purchase as the iPad hasn't reached the Philippines just yet.

For news on iPad's release in the Philippines, visit TP's iPad in Philippines post via the link.

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  1. Wow iPad is fascinating me with it's design and as it is I'm a big fan of Apple products... Will get this one As soon as it will be available in my country

  2. ipad wow! waiting for the time when i will be able to buy ipda


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