Google Nexus One Clone Runs iPhone Interface - Or What Looks Like It

When asked what he thinks about Nexus One, an irate Apple CEO Steve Jobs was once quoted replying, "Make no mistake. [Google wants] to kill the iPhone."

Fortunately for him and for Apple and quite unfortunately for Google, Nexus One failed to take off as expected -- selling only 135,000 units in the 74 days since it arrived vs. 1 million iPhone handsets in the first 74 days of its existence in 2007.

I know. :(

I wonder if this Nexus One clone from China will do any better than the original -- given that it features what looks like iPhone's well-received user interface and that it costs less than 1/9th the price of the real Google phone:

A nameless 1:1 Nexus One clone that runs on what looks like iPhone OS
Photo Credit: M8Cool

This fake Nexus One also uses a trackball and has matte black back lid. The overall design very simple and very similar to that of the original, but the screen has shrunk to 3.2 inches vs. 3.7 of the real Nexus One.

Like both the original iPhone and Nexus One,
this clone also features auto-rotate function.

Fake Nexus One is now out in China and sells for around 550 yuan or roughly Php 3,600 .
Will it ever arrive in the Philippines? Practice vigilance in Sulit to find out.

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  1. Come on ...

    It's Open Mobile System, the Android fork from China Mobile.


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