Nokia N900 Unboxing Photos: Accessories and Peripherals Check

I've been trying to get my hands on a Nokia N900 unit for quite sometime now as many of you have been sending TechPinas quite interesting inquiries regarding the phone.

Thankfully, Nokia Philippines sent TP an actual retail unit yesterday -- prompting me to start drafting the intro to my full review. (Thank you so much, Nokia!) If you already have N900 and you want to know how to maximize its potential or if you're currently eyeing to buy your unit, I hope you find my thoughts on the device helpful when I publish my review by early next week.

That's right. We now have Nokia's flagship device, the Maemo-powered Nokia N900, to work and play with!

NOTE: Nokia N900 is currently available in the Philippines with an official SRP of Php 29,990.

Considering that there are a whole lot of things you can do on this slate of a handset - even all at the same time, if you wish so - expect a lot of TP entries and updates on our new phone in the coming months.

But in the meantime, in line with the tech-blog tradition of making gadget-unboxing a whole separate ceremonious event in itself, here are the absolutely necessary Nokia N900 unboxing photos:

Perhaps in line with Nokia's efforts to be a more environmentally-friendly company, despite being a flagship release, Nokia N900 comes with a very simple and quite small packaging -- translating to a smaller carbon footprint. It's so simple, it only has this embossed image of the N900 handset as decoration or accent on the box lid.

Fresh out of the box, the N900 unit has this black sticker covering the resistive touchscreen.

I'm sure Tree-huggers will love the fact that all plastics used in the N900 packaging are made of recycled stuff.

Nokia N900 in the Philippines ships with these accessories:

Nokia High-Efficiency Charger AC-10U:

Nokia Stereo Headset WH-205:

Nokia Video-out Cable CA-75U:

USB Data Cable:

Wipe Cloth:

BL-5J 1320 mAh Battery:

Manual, which is noticeably thinner compared to manuals of almost all other Nokia N-series phones that preceded it. Again, less carbon footprint ~ Another one for nature.

Service Card and Warranty Information:

Recycled Plastics again. Nice.

Notice that there's this metallic strip on top of the black sticker that's supposedly there to help in peeling off the sticker. Don't hold your breath that will actually work.

Here's how you peel the black sticker to expose the touchscreen: You choose a corner and ever-carefully pick at it until the sticker becomes loose. It actually comes off very easily.

There you go. :) Again, please stay tuned for my detailed review on the Nokia N900 hardware and its Maemo operating system.

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  1. Maybe a few photos too many! lol, but a really nice looking phone

  2. Hi Dave!

    Yep. To date, the best phone I've used. :)

  3. Tomorrow I'm getting my N900 :) this article made me more excited.

  4. Hey there nice photos! How much is it in the Philippines? Thanks.

  5. P17,000 Mura lng dito sa


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