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STATUS : Partial Confirmed Spoiler
Credits : Ohana
Traslator: shounensuki

Where’s Guy-sensei everybody loves?!
Naruto vs Naruto?!
Naruto’s gonna rap?!
An explosion of Naruto’s Sexy Technique?!

Guy appears seasick
Naruto asks B to give him jinchūriki training, but B refuses.
Naruto asks with rap.
B refuses.
Naruto asks with the Sexy technique, but B ignores it.
The Kumonin accompany Naruto to a waterfall.
There, Naruto does…

Naruto vs Naruto

After that, they leave it to Justaway

no sasuke this week

Verification: Unconfirmed (most likely fake)
Source: TBA

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In the meantime, read this well-written prediction by The Special One --

STATUS: Prediction
Written by: The Special One

Naruto 492 Spoiler Prediction

Naruo 492 -Uzumaki Naruto and Killer Bee

(The Squid takes a dip back into the sea, which splashes water onto the boat, as a small tidal wave is created. Naruto and the gang brace themselves as the boat prepares to tip over.)

Naruto: OH NOO! (Naruto grabs his face with both hands.)

Yamato: CRAPPP!

Unnamed Konoha shinobi: I can’t SWIM!


(Killer Bee, who is in partial Bijuu form acknowledges.)

Killer Bee: I’ight, Hold on Tight! (Killer Bee lifts up his arms, which commands the several tentacles surrounding him to grab hold of the ship and lift it up into the air long enough for the tides to subside. Naruto and the gang begin sliding across the boat, trying to find anything to gain a foot hold on.)

Cloud Ninja: Steady!

Killer Bee: A, OK!?

(Everyone on the ship says yes, or agrees in some nonverbal way. Killer Bee then lowers the boat carefully back onto the water.)

Yamato: *sigh*


(Yamato looks at Naruto and sighs. Killer Bee then reverts back to his human form in mid-air and does a series of impressive flips through the air until he lands on the boat. Naruto looks amused.)

Killer Bee: Oh yeah! I have arrived! (Naruto begins clapping uncontrollably. He then walks over to Killer Bee to apparently greet him.)

Naruto: Amazing! Looking at your gear and forehead protector, you must be the Jinchuuriki from the Cloud Village! So, you made it out ok! That’s great Mr. Octopus sir! I’m also a Jinchuuriki! The Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki!

Killer Bee: Huh… Ah, I heard about you, my Bro said something earlier about it. Looks like imma have to kick it wit you goons for a spell.

(Killer Bee then begins to walk off. Naruto quickly grabs Killer Bee’s cloth, stopping him, meanwhile their boat then docks at the island. )

Naruto (in thought): Hmm, that sword on his back looks familiar…

Killer Bee: Wat is it kiddo?

Naruto: Umm, Mr. Octopu-(Killer Bee cuts him off.)

Killer Bee: It’s Killer Bee!

Naruto: Mr. Killer Bee sir! Can you take me under your wing!?

Yamato (in thought): So that’s what it’s about.

Cloud Ninja: Looks like he’s taking a liking to you, eh Bee?

Konoha Ninja: What! The Savior of Konoha needing teaching! That’s absurd!

Killer Bee: Buzz off! I just wanna chill, so dude, just take a pill!

Naruto: Please MR. KILLER BEE! I train hard and never give in! I need to be able to do what you do! I NEED TO! To control the Kyuubi and face the man with such power in his eyes!

(Naruto pictures his last meeting with Sasuke. Killer Bee is shocked a little and has a flash back to witnessing Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu from Sasuke.)

It’s all part of the prophecy! Whether the world is saved, or it meets its disaster depends on this pivotal point! So I ask you again. (Naruto gets on his knees and then places his hands on the ground and prostrates himself. Yamato and the Konoha ninja look away in embarrassment.) Please… Will you teach me how to control the Kyuubi?

(The Cloud ninja walks over to Killer Bee and touches his shoulder.)

Cloud Ninja: Hey, why don’t you give it a shot? You see how sincere he is. I don’t buy his prophecy thing, but look at the odds stacked against the allied forces.

Killer Bee: But Bro and the bigwigs made their decision! Actually, I don’t give a damn what happens to the world! (Naruto gets angered a little.)

Cloud Ninja: Killer Bee, you can’t seriously think that?

Killer Bee: All I am is a tool! That’s what I’ve been all my life! (Naruto starts to understand Killer Bee a little.) No time to play, just fight! I’ve been protecting the cloud ever since I became old enough to hold a Kunai, so I knew how I’d die! BUT NOW! This is the first time I’m actually free, free as a Bee as you can see. (Naruto stands up.)

Naruto: But don’t you feel anything for your friends! You’d just leave them behind!

Killer Bee: I can ask you the same question, right kiddo?

Naruto: Hmm?

Killer Bee: Don’t tellz me you came on this ship and didn’t know what was up!

Naruto: I’m following a prophecy! In the event that I have to leave, I will… But first thing first, I need to learn how to master the Kyuubi’s chakra, SO THAT I CAN PROTECT MY FRIENDS AND EVERYONE ELSE!

(Killer Bee looks into the eyes of Naruto. Killer Bee has a flashback to the recent past. Killer Bee and Raikage are talking to each other in an office by themselves.)

Raikage: You’ll be sharing that island with the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki.

Killer Bee: Heh, another host yeah? The first since Yugito, how’s he like?

Raikage: He’s a pompous fool whose naivety knows no bounds.

Raikage: Watch over him…

Killer Bee: What!?

Raikage: Just make sure if the enemy nears him, you’ll do all in your power to ensure his safety.

Killer Bee: At first you spoke as if you hated the guy’s guts, now you want me to watch over him like some sitter?

Raikage: I saw something in that fool… Despite his idiocy he managed to live this long and build up such a reputation. With the right guidance, perhaps he’ll become what this world really needs.

Killer Bee: Heh, to think I’d hear you speak like that again; never in my wildest imaginations…

Raikage: War changes people. You and I both had purer dreams, until we were tainted by this chain of hatred. As old hounds the best we can do to atone for our sins is to ensure that this chain of hatred doesn’t taint the next generation. It is those brats who will determine whether this world prospers, or not. In any case, your boat is ready, get to getting!

(The scene switches back to the present.)

Killer Bee: Ha, ha… Find Kiddo, I’ll train ya!

(Naruto smiles.)

Naruto: REALLY?

Killer Bee (in thought): After all, if this world is shot to hell, I won’t have my fun under the sun!

(The scene switches over to outside the base of Akatuski. 20 ninja from the allied forces are stationed around the perimeter, but broken up into 4 groups of 5. Each squadron is guarding a direction outside the fortress, hiding in the brushes with wireless ear devices on. The scene switches over to the East Squadron. A kumogakure shinobi voices his opinion.)

Kumogakure Shinobi: How do we know this is really their base? From our previous investigation with Killer Bee’s capture, we scouted out a base that was completely empty…

Sungakure Shinobi: That was most likely a recovery station. Konoha came across the same kind of thing when we lost the Ichibi.

Konoha Shinobi: It’s here, definitely! Reconnaissance reports that the masked Akatuski and Kabuto were seen heading into this fort.

Tsuchigakure shinobi: How do you know it’s not a trap?


(The radio devices on all of the shinobi turn on, they click the button to listen in.)

Over the radio: ITS! UCHIHA SASUKE! The Entire Northern squad, eliminated… Ah… AHHGJGGHIEHG! *BEEEB* *BEEEB*

Kumogakure shinobi: All of our radio equipment is linked to the same frequency; the other teams must have gotten the same message.

Konoha shinobi: SHIT! Alright guys, our officers told us not to do anything risky. Let’s leave now and report back to them! This is their home base! MOVE OUT! (The remaining three teams head out. The Scene switches over to Sasuke. He stands above the five corpses. Sasuke’s head is looking down, so we can’t see his eyes.)

Sasuke: I’m gonna look forward to this. (Madara appears behind Sasuke.)

Madara: Don’t follow them. Your powers can be put to better use.

Madara (in thought): How could they have found us this quickly? Was Kabuto followed? No, someone of his level couldn’t have been tracked. He must’ve… A Snake, just like Orochimaru.

(The scene switches over to somewhere on that island. Killer Bee and Naruto are standing across each other. Yamato appears in the background.)

Naruto: So, what’s pointer one?

Killer Bee: First, you gotta undo that seal of yours.

Yamato: That’s crazy talk! Do you know what will happen!?

Naruto: I’m fine Captain Yamato…

Yamato: You almost blew up the village!

(Naruto looks down.)

Killer Bee: HEY! What’s you place in this?

Yamato: Well, I- (Killer Bee cuts him off.)

Killer Bee: Yo, it’s his beast, don’t be weakenin his will, or he’ll lose out, no doubt uh huh!

(Both Naruto and Yamato have the question mark face on.)

Don’t worry, you got me here. If that fox comes out, we gon box! Uh huh! I bet ya I’m stronger than your fox alone, cuz I be in the zone while you be gone! Oh yeah! (Killer Bee starts to expertly punch the air.)

Naruto: Wow, I never been this confused in my life!

Yamato: I for one think he’s an obnoxious idiot! And what’s with his offhand rhyming?

Killer Bee: Don’t be sweatin! A bijuu on his own is strong and powerful, that much be the truth. But a host who knows how to increase the range, power, and frequency of chakra is the better beast out of the two!

(Naruto and Yamato are shocked.)

Naruto: Now that much I understood.

Killer Bee: I can fully control my Bijuu’s powers. Even more so than he could himself, after all, Bijuu aren’t shinobi who have been trained to control their chakra. So, to get things started, release your seal. Your Bijuu will come out in full force and you must find a way to lock its mentality away. Don’t worry about this area, or anyone else besides yourself. You lose your will, and you lose your will to live. Just remember kid; who you are. What you stand for… Nothing more. Don’t let the beast taint you, you taint it! But I’ll be here to keep that fox in a box. My Hachibi can throw a mean right hook in my book. It’ll take time but until you figure out a way to subdue its mind, I won’t mind knocking that Kyuubi into shape!

(The scene switches to inside Samehada.)

Kisame (in thought): And when they are both weakened, I’ll make my move…

Next Time: Hachibi vs. Kyuubi!

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