Tips for Buying Aircon: How to Choose Air Conditioners Wisely

LG Electronics Philippines offers some useful tips for buying the right air conditioning unit.

With summer well and truly upon us, many Filipinos are again thinking of buying air-conditioners for their homes. The current “El Nino” weather phenomenon makes us more convinced to really get one.

Then again, when one owns it already, chances are he or she would feel the problems brought by unforeseen aspects that need to be carefully considered before buying an air con unit.

“For most of us, we feel that buying an air con means higher electric bill,” said Raymond Hernandez, corporate marketing head of LG Electronics Philippines. “Not to mention, news on power rate increases give us worries in getting an air con or using it for long hours.”

LG Electronics, the global number one in air conditioners, has provided some tips to help consumers make the best choice possible in buying an air conditioner this summer.

Consider cost efficiency. Be wary of misleading energy computations. There are two costs that should be considered before buying an aircon unit –- the cost of the unit and the cost of using the unit or the electric bill. The electric bill is determined by the cooling capacity of the air con, the length and frequency of usage, and the aircon’s Energy Efficiency Ratio. For aircons that have the same cooling capacity, having a higher Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) means lower power consumption.

Care about the lowest noise levels. Most of the time, noise spoils the cooling comfort of air con. Hence, you must consider the noise the unit emits when it is turned on. Noise and vibration usually comes from the compressor, the water formed at heat exchangers, and the blower.

Look for heat exchanger that will last long. An aircon’s condenser is the most vulnerable to corrosion and rust. The louver fins are critical parts of both evaporator and condenser. Look for aircon’s louver fin that uses “Gold Fin” coating consisting of anti-corrosion paint, hydrophilic coating, resin, and chromate on its aluminum material that allow maximum heat exchange performance while extending the product life span.

Choose the right size. To know what size to buy, the following must be considered:
Know the floor area of the room (in sq. m.)
Get the height of the ceiling from the floor (in feet)
Count the number of windows and measure the size (in feet)
Check the room if it’s insulated or located in between floors
Get the total number of people that usually stay in the room
Count the total number of lights in the room
Tell the above information to an LG Aircon Product Specialist at +1-800-8-902-5544 (Domestic Toll Free) to know the right size that will give you the best aircon performance.

Recently, LG introduces the LG Health+ Inverter air conditioner in the Philippines. The LG Health+ Inverter has 15.3 EER, the highest in the Philippines; the world’s lowest operating noise level of a mere 19dB; and the highest energy-efficiency, saving up to 60-percent compared to previous non inverter model. It also offers a range of healthcare features designed to help protect consumers from allergens and viruses like A(H1N1), while it upgrades the home environment with its stylish design.

“With four clear benefits -- Energy Savings, Silence, Safety, and Stylish Design -- the LG HEALTH+ Inverter is cool and clever choice that will make your family feel comfy this summer,” Hernandez concluded.

[Press Release Courtesy of LG Electronics Philippines and GreenBulb PR]

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  1. Many of us are just having and choosing the unit without considering some important facts.
    With your post I'm sure many of us will be enlightened and given choices on how to come good air conditioning units.
    Repairs and maintenance should be considered also, and I got a site that could give all we want for our unit.

  2. It's very timing that I am able to come across this very helpful post as I am looking to buy a new air con unit for my condo. Thanks!


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