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NOTE: Disclaimer for all Naruto posts applies. English scans courtesy of MangaStream.

Credits: Ohana @2chan
Translation : On3word

Madara: …you want to join forces?…What do I gain from teaming up with someone like you?
Kabuto: War is upon us. I offer you military strength.

What’s the true motivation behind Kabuto’s proposal…!?
490: The Truth of the Kyubi!!

Kabuto: Here is Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, Kakuzu, and…Nagato. A truly powerful group…Moreover…these aren’t the only Koma* I possess.
[*TN: Koma is a Shogi piece]
Madara: What’s the collateral?

Kabuto: Uchiha Sasuke…
Madara: …What are you plotting?
Kabuto: …Nothing really…My interest is purely in ninjitsu. For that purpose I will need Sasuke-kun. I want a live, young, fine Uchiha for this.
Madara: …And if I were to refuse?
Kabuto: … (Kuchiyose Edo Tensei!!)

One casket appears.
Madara: …!? Th..this is!!
You can’t see the body inside the casket.
Kabuto: Do you think I would come here to meet you without a hand like this? That’s right…you can’t refuse!
Madara: You…where did you get that!?
Kabuto: It doesn’t matter…don’t worry though, I haven’t told anyone else about this.
Madara: …Ha..haha….

Kabuto: Is something funny?

Madara Yakushi Kabuto, the vessel you’ve become…it’s different than how I would’ve imagined it…Even if I disagree with you, my military power is only dropping…You took advantage of that and came here…you’re a carefully strategic guy.
Kabuto: What are you saying?

Madara: Fine, I’ll join forces with you….But, Sasuke won’t be handed over until the results of the war have been decided…until then, you are not to meet with Sasuke. Also, I will have you guard and observe as well.
Kabuto: Such an understanding person. As I thought, Uchiha Madara…though the vessel is different.
Madara: …You’re an impertinent one…you’ve shown your military power, now use that to devise a plan to work over…follow me.
Kabuto, what’s the meaning of this?? From the shape of his mouth, it seems he’s smiling.

Kabuto follows behind Madara.
The casket we were unable to see closes.

Looking at the dead bodies.
Konoha Jounin A: For all these corpses in a small, narrow space…this trail of fallen shinobi, there’s no mistaking what’s ahead.
Konoha Jounin B: And the trap?
Konoha Jounin A: What should we do?
Anko: Tokuma! Use your Byakugan 2 o’ clock from here.
Tokuma: On it! (Byakugan!!)

Kabuto and Madara are walking in the middle of a forrest.

Tokuma: Captain Mitarashi…this is
Anko: What is it?
Tokuma: It’s not just Kabuto!…Akatsuki’s masked man is with him too!! The two just took an entrance underground!
Anko: What did you say!?
Jounin A: He’s the one who’s been going under the name of Madara in Akatsuki…Is this their hideout!?
Jounin B: Why the heck is he with Kabuto?
Jounin A: Have they joined forces?
Anko: Has Kabuto purposefully led us here? To reveal to us Madara’s hideout…
Jounin B: But why, if they joined forces?
Anko: I don’t know…Anyway, we must take this information to the village!

Fukasaku: What’s wrong!? Press on the seal of the scroll!
Naruto: …
Scroll Frog: Are you afraid Naruto…well, this is pointless then.
Fukusaku: So what?
Scroll Frog: Fukusaku-sama…the Kyubi’s strength — the Kyubi’s chakra and will — it is possible to unite those. It’s the power to control the Kyubi. In order to draw out the Kyubi’s chakra, one must change his chakra to make it their own strength. But it’s not that simple…by drawing his chakra, you draw out the Kyubi’s will as well. The Kyubi’s will is that of a hateful demon with tremendous power and chakra. And even if it guarantee’s strength, the heart of it’s wielder will soon be consumed by this hate. In short, to control the Kyubi, you must take both the will and the chakra of the Kyubi, and completely separate this hate from it’s will and chakra.

From the 4th’s seal, some chakra has already been able to leak naturally onto Naruto. So with this key, you can fully release the seal and draw on all of the Kyubi’s chakra.
Fukusaku: If that’s true…the Kyubi’s chakra will consume everything in and with that, its will.
Scrol Frog: If Naruto’s will loses to that of the Kyubi’s, the Kyubi will restore itself completely.

Credits: Nja @2chan
Translation : akoftroy.


カブト 私の目的はうちはサスケ君です〜
マダラ 断ったらどうする?
マダラ こ…これは…お前これをどこで手に入れた
カブト 私があなたが絶対に断れない〜なんちゃら〜w
マダラ いいだろうサスケは戦争が終わったら〜それまではサスケと会わせない〜
ナルトへ 九尾関連の事
最後に 雷の国で会議を盗み聞きするキサメさん
キサメ これで雷の現在の軍事力などわかった〜

で終わりです 棺の中はマダラの遺体とかなんかね〜

Kabuto: My goal is Sasuke-kun.
Madara: And what if I refuse?
Kabuto uses Edo Tensei to summon another coffin. The art is obscured so we can’t see who’s in it.
Madara: T-this is… How did you get this?!
Kabuto: This means there’s no way you can refuse me.
Madara: Fine, you can have Sasuke after the war is over. Until then I won’t let you see him and you will be watched. Is that okay?
Kabuto and Madara join forces.
Scene shifts to Naruto and talk about Kyubi.
Ends with Kisame spying on the Kumo meetings.
Kisame: Now we know Kumo’s current military strength.

(Nja comment) Maybe Madara’s body is in the coffin?

Gamatora shows Naruto the key to release the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox inside his belly.
Read Naruto Manga 489 via the link.

予言ジジイが今はまだ押さなくてもいい、タコに会い答えが出ると。その為にゲロ虎?をナルトの腹に隠してお くね
イビキがいい加減にしろで怒るともう1つ条件があるでサスケの昔の写真を見せろ。アカデミー時代と下忍時代 のだ!

VERY ROUGH TRANSLATION (via Google Translate)

The credit is not hooked up with Madara and Kabuto. Excited to meet Kabuto Sasuke Itachi transplanted eye
Sasuke still has the body of the target.
Kyuubi consciousness grows stronger than ever by removing the key
Complete control is difficult nine-tailed, kyubi If we can not be ruled
Nde, Naruto lost to push a bill
ー could hurt people more important than before-nine-tails by removing the key
Sakura and Jiraiya can hurt, fear that everyone may have hurt himself against the pane, ri
Believe me I hope that my Minato, Lost Between the trouble
I have yet to hit the old man can do predictions, and get an answer met with octopus. Gero for the tiger? Naruto Kune your belly to hide
Karin 膨Retara'm getting sleepy and stomach to eat pork cutlet Doka
Show me an old photograph of another condition that Sasuke in anger and badges in the snoring. Age is the age Shimooshi Academy!
Culminate with a picture of the old Sasuke and Sakura in snoring
Don Cherry and snoring to draw a picture of Sasuke and Karin bite whisk caress
While I'm away the pictures, I'll talk
The dispute is that the spotter and Tsunade Naruto Tsunade becomes pulled in many forms
Naruto will not stand in front is wearing a watch
Tsunade is not going feel satisfied
Shikamaru became the leader Naka Shinobu
Bee is secured with assaulting a guard became one Kisame Bee

Written by: by A-Chewtoy

Kabuto: Orochimaru had plans to crush the ninja world and gain knowledge of all ninjutsu – I aim to take up his work. As you can see, I have come far in a short time. But I cannot do it alone. In exchange for my services in your little war, I want access to all the scrolls and secrets collected.
Madara: Hmmm… a fair proposal. But I didn’t much trust Orochimaru, I’m not sure I can trust you.
Kabuto: Fair enough; but do you really have a choice? As you see, I’m the one who really controls Akatsuki nin now.
Madara: Yeeaaahh… about that; could you perhaps put those away. Especially that one, I don’t wa-
Sasuke, entering: Yo, Madara! The effects of the surgery are wearing off. I can see ag–
Madara: Uh oh… here we go.
Sasuke: BROTHER!!! You’re alive!! Thank god! (runs over and hugs the Itachi summoning)
Itachi: …
Madara: Sheesh…
Kabuto: Uh… Sasuke… that’s…
Sasuke, crying: I never thought I’d see you again! I got revenge for you! I killed Danzo! Now we can take out the rest of Konoha together as Brothers and regain our glory!
Kabuto: This is kinda awkward; can you do something, Madara?
Sasuke: And after that, you can finally teach me those shuriken techniques you promised…
Madara: ME?! Do something? Look – I only manipulated him so he’d not only take Itachi’s eyes to gain eternal mangekyo sharingan but also become a wanton force of destruction! You’re bonehead to summoned his brother! Now he’s a bluthering mess of feelings and brotherly love?! What the HELL am I supposed to do with that?!
Sasuke: whimper sob sniff
Kabuto: Did I mention that Orochimaru also really wanted to possess the sharingan?
Madara: Sigh… I can’t believe I need people like this… you’d think after all this time…

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