Blackberry Facebook App Problem : Can't Log-in nor Access Account - SOLUTION !

Jamilla S. from Marikina City DM'd TP this question via Twitter at around 8PM last night:
"TP, yesterday, I successfully installed Facebook app on my Blackberry Bold 9700. The problem is, since then, I haven't been able to log-in to my account using the app. It just keeps blocking all log-in attempts, stating that it's for my own security. TP, how do I fix this?"

Hi Jamilla,

No need for worries. Facebook app just wants you to verify that you are allowing a mobile device to access your account.

Since you have already tried logging in to your account using your Blackberry phone, you can just go on to the next step, which is to log-in to your Facebook account using a computer (laptop or desktop).

Once there, you will be greeted by this notification --

Credit: Facebook

Just click on Continue button.

Enter Captcha Text.

Then, click Yes I Recognize it button to wrap up mobile access verification process.

Now, try logging in to your FB account using your Blackberry.

There, Jamilla. :) I hope this helps you.

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  1. This is BS now i cannot access my account because of this stupid 'CAPCHA' tried logging in from my Blackberry followed the instruction to log in my desktop and now i cant log in and I need to freaking wait for an hour just to 'retry' and 'relogin' from my account.

    Facebook has added 'new security feature' to validate if you're the real owner of the account. It shows you a few picture of your friends list and if you make a wrong guess you're doomed to wait for another hour.

    Why is facebook making it difficult for people to access their account?? i am furious!!!!!!

  2. I have added a few people in my list whom I don't know personally. but facebook shouldve actually seen this coming. its so unfair

  3. I too ran into this situation last night! I can't access the full page of Facebook using my browser on my Blackberry as a result, and I'm stuck only using the Facebook for Blackberry application, which doesn't do everything I need it to do. This security check is ridiculous! Any of us could have hundreds of friends, and not only does it use random photos it also used pictures of a friends' game characters! Now how the hell am I supposed to remember all that? You have to identify 7 pics and you can only skip 2 of them. If you guess wrong, you are locked out for an hour. Totally asinine!

  4. None of this works here.

    I tried login from my new blackberry phone and the facebook login said it did not recognize where I was accessing from. Then when I tried to login to facebook from computer, it took me through some security questions to identify pics tagged by friends, but I cannot as I have over 2,500 friends whom joined for Mafia Wars game. Some of the pics are, like a basket of flowers. That’s just stupid, and I cannot answer the 7 questions correctly. I have searched high and low and even clicked on Change my password, which sent a new password to my e-mail, but now I can’t even access facebook from blackberry because it says invalid login/password. I am frustrated beyond belief, and cannot possibly start over building a new account. I sent an e-mail to what appears to be some kind of support desk, but reply back to my e-mail stated they cannot look at all questions and would try and solve user problems that are common. Basically, an automated non-response e-mail.
    Please help me get the security questions prompts removed from my login so I can access my account. Please help!!!

    Facebook does everything in their power to encourage and reward users for adding more friends in games within the site, but puts this impossible step in place, with absolutely no way around the problem. I guess this is the end for my experience. Unless they can remove this ridiculous bullcrap.

  5. hi.. i succesfully downloaded facebook app in my bb bold 9700 and when i log in, it says WE CANNOT REACH THE FACEBOOK SERVER AT THIS TIME. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER 100. i turned my bb off and back on already and still wont allow me to log in. please help..

  6. please help me... i just bought blackberry torch and i tried to log in facebook in my phone but it said "we cannot reach the facebook server at this time.please try again later (100)". what should i do?


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