Team Ruffa vs. Team Kris : Twitter Battle ! Anonymous Blog Reader Threatens to BOO Kris !

Following Ruffa Gutierrez' The Buzz Walk-out drama, fans of both Kris Aquino and Ruffa Gutierrez on Twitter have taken it upon themselves to defend their respective idols.

Effectively grouped into either Team Kris or Team Ruffa, some Twitter peeps who've been following news about this issue have started to air their sentiments and opinions on what transpired on the POV segment of the top-rating Kapamilya show:

Here are a few Team Ruffa vs. Team Kris tweets:

Meanwhile, an anonymous reader of Darla Sauler (source) threatens to BOO Kris and even bring a barangay of Kris-Haters should she visit Cebu and hold a show there:

Let’s talk about talent. Do you sing? Dance perhaps? Or Act? Haha. Yes, maybe you can talk and some people not so keen to intelligence would say you are smart. Heck, just because you speak with a St. Paul College-ish English doesn’t mean you’re smart. Smart? Smart my *** because you giving birth to a son from action star Philip Salvador, getting a sexually transmitted infection from Joey Marquez without delicadeza to Alma Moreno, and now married to an ever-unfaithful and very young basketball player James Yap isn’t smart at all!

And don’t play innocent by saying that your comment was said with affection. You know it isn’t your comment that angered Ruffa. It is how you treat Ruffa and make Ruffa feel every Sunday. Please don’t think that viewers aren’t keen to understanding your underestimation and sneering at Ruffa because we know better.

And please, you’re supposed to know better. Of course this isn’t about your bald and ugly brother Noynoy. Since you are the sister and you profess your support for his candidacy, it is plain comprehensible that you get criticized and Noynoy gets criticized. After all, your un-brilliant brother who hasn’t done anything significant in the Congress and Senate will run for Presidency for the namesake of your clan. And that’s his only ace in this race. Without his own house at his age, I am sure and can only be confident using plain observation that Noynoy doesn’t have the needed managerial and administrative skills to run a country.

While I do not always agree at Anabelle Rama and thinks she is sometimes too much too, her opinion aired in Showbiz Central encapsulates the message in this letter. You don’t own Philippine Showbusiness. So you better learn some manners, and learn it as soon as possible because you are getting old. Learn how to host a show. Speak only a few words. Give the limelight to your guests. Ask questions. Facilitate. And don’t simplify things that your guests say just because you are the ****ing hostess.

Please don’t ever come to Cebu City because I am going to make sure that if ever you hold a show here, live or taped, I will be part of the audience, and I will BOOOOO you. Loud enough for you to hear. And that’s my own sense of democracy. I MEAN IT I will bring with me a barangay who hates you

Another reader went as far as attacking Kris Aquino's physical appearance (again, via Darla Sauler Blog):

To Kris Aquino, you are not in any way close to the word “beautiful,” because without make-up, I can mistake you for some factory worker in China. True, your skin speaks of the numerous aesthetic products that you apply topically and take orally and your beauty regimen that caused you your brain concussion, but skin-deep you are far from being flawless. Your crummy attitude is not at all reflective of the supposed wonderful upbringing that I expected from a Filipino family royalty that you belong to. Along that note, please know that Ruffa Guttierez, sporting an angelic smile and a beauty queen height, is a million times more beautiful than you not just with her physical looks and body physique, but with the kind of character Ruffa projects. Ruffa sends off a regal and dignified disposition, reformed by Christian values.

Such hate. :( I seriously don't get it. Having watched the video, I maintain that what Kris said was but a friendly banter that should have been taken lightly. If this hate is because of that, I believe it's largely unfounded. As for the 'mga pambabara ni Kris' prior to this incident, that's a different story.

Waderlust, another commenter on Darla's post, seems to agree:

..i didn't really find any wrong with what Kris said to Ruffa. i was watching it yesterday and when i saw Ruffa's face like about to cry and stood up, i was wondering what caused that? did i miss something? and i had to watch it again in you tube today and really honestly kris was just teasing ruffa. and i didn't get the whole point until i read today that she's leaving abs-cbn and moving in to abc 5. no wondah![...]

Just to wrap this up -- While I think Kris isn't particularly a bastion of modesty and being soft-spoken, she does NOT deserve the deluge of hate she's currently getting. No one does.

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  1. i am physician from chicago and is not a fan of any of them but here is my observation watching the buzz. i just noticed that kris aquino is so self-absurbed and mayabang.laging gusto siya ang tama at magaling.parang kulang sa pansin.gusto lagi sa kanya at sa kanyang family ang attention. she contunue to act like a manipulative spoiled brat.pag alam na magagalit ang mga tao sa kanya, paawa effect naman siya.she should grow up and needs to get some psychological counselling to overcome this attitude considering na she is a talk show host.

  2. iagree with you. its all about her - her relationships, her family, what shes eating,drinking, whatever lahat na. if you're a host you have to be open to others and not just be so involved with yourself. lahat naman binabara niya pati si boy. please show some manners.

  3. di nman mag kaaway ung dalawa !!!!!!ung mabahong annabel lang ang nagcmula ng lahat ng 2 tang ina mo annabel!dapat d nlang c FRANCIS M. ang namatay dapat kaw nalang!!!!bitch ka annabel!

  4. TEAM RUFFA;; pangit ni KRIS

  5. Ruffa is being pikon. Mukhang para si annabelle I bet villar paid them lots of money to do this.

  6. napansin nyo ba sa pep? Mukhang binubura ang mga comments kapag in favor of ruffa? May sabwatan ata ang at GMA-7 against Gutierrez...

  7. hello tagal nag-stay ni ruffa sa the buzz ,,3 years and with your so called bullying by kris nakatagal siya ng ganon??ano siya martyr? and having that kind of mother na even small issue ginagawang pang front page ng newspapers hindi nagsalita tungkol sa "bullying" duhh!!

    go team kris

  8. Kris needs to control of whatever medication shes taking...... most of the time shes wayyyyy to happy even though shes going through rough patches in her life.... come on stop taking drugs!!!!!

  9. I never liked Kris from the start,she doesn't have manners.Lahat na lang parang binibig deal pa niya.Very annoying and very plastic.Sinasabi pa niya na binilhan niya ng mamahaling sapatos si baby James.Wala na kaming pakialam kung ano pang shoes ang ginagamit ni baby James.Hindi na niya kailangan ipagyabang pa iyon.Mayabang si Kris and lalo siyang yayabang ngayong nananalo yung kuya niya as president.Stop being so annoying,Kris!!!


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