BlackBerry MAX on Globe Super Surf - COMPLETE Details, REGISTER via Text!

"We want to make the internet experience as smooth and worry-free as it can be. Super Surf was designed with that in mind: Giving our customers unlimited and convenient access to the internet content and websites that they love. Now with Super Surf for BlackBerry Max, we are upping the ante and letting them go anywhere they want in cyberspace, no holds barred. We encourage all our BlackBerry users to upgrade their surfing experience with Super Surf for BlackBerry Max," shares Martha Sazon, Head of Globe Postpaid

While Super Surf for BlackBerry gives you unlimited access to most websites on the internet, there's a small handful of sites that require you to switch on a separate internet connection before you can browse them. The moment you do that, you get billed an additional Php 5 for every 15 minutes of web browsing using your BB phone.

If you're wondering why this is so, it is because some content-rich websites may not be optimized for a handheld device like your beloved BlackBerry; if you try to browse them, you'd have to switch to regular internet access to get the best experience.

But those days are gone because Globe is finally launching Super Surf for Blackberry Max, a new service that allows every BB user to go just about anywhere you want to go on the web. With Super Surf for BlackBerry Max, there's virtually no bounds to what you can do online: Email, surf the net, chat with pals via BlackBerry Messenger and even stream your fave videos on your BlackBerry phone.

Open to both Globe postpaid and prepaid BlackBerry lovers, Super Surf for BlackBerry Max is just P 1500 a month or P300 for 5 days, and will be available till August 18, 2010.

Super Surf for BlackBerry Max works great with Globe's array of BlackBerry unit offers, like the top-of-the-line, celeb-favorite Blackberry Bold 9700 and the undeniably cute Blackberry Curve 8520, the back-to-school starter model which comes in ruby-red, snow-white and classic black.

Globe's Super Surf for BlackBerry Max is also a great add-on to the stellar array of My SuperPlan offers, which means that My SuperPlan customers who own a BlackBerry can easily and instantly upgrade their surfing experience by choosing and asking for Super Surf for BlackBerry Max plan.

Your MAXed-out Super Surf experience is just a click away! Register via text by sending BB MAX 300 (5 days) to 8888, for 5 days of unlimited browsing on your Globe BlackBerry handset. Or if you'd rather go with the full 30-day service, you may just text BB MAX ON (30 days) to 8888.

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