Jejemon vs. Anti-Jejemon Debate in Mel and Joey - Does Jejenese Make You Dumb?

How can we possibly pass judgment on Jejemons without first listening to what they have to say?

Credit: GMA, Mel and Joey

Last May 16, GMA7's Mel and Joey hosted a debate between representatives from the Jejemon and Anti-Jejemon parties, three from each. The topic: "Nakakabobo ba ang pagiging Jejemon?" [Does being a Jejemon make you dumb?] Note to future and wanna-be sociologists: The exchange of views proved to be very insightful, so don't pass on the vid. Here are the main points:


  • Jejenese is an original Filipino work of Art.
  • Jejenese gives life to otherwise boring conversations.
  • Jejemons can actually compartmentalize -- "Inilulugar namin ang pagiging Jejemon."
  • Jejemon culture is a practice of free will. "Hindi naman nakakamatay ang pagiging Jejemon, bakit nyo kami pakikialaman?"
  • Jejemon culture is a passing trend. Let it be.


  • Jejenese posts on Facebook give the world an impression that Pinoys can't speak straight English.
  • Jejenese is hard to understand and as such any conversation that uses the language, no matter how creative it is, is a waste of time.
  • Some Jejemons actually can't compartmentalize -- "Dinadala nila ang pagiging Jejemon sa eskwelahan."

Watch the full Jejemon debate video here (video courtesy of GMA7 and Mel & Joey -- TP disclaimer on online videos applies.):

This statement by the legendary Mel Tiangco pretty much mirrors TechPinas' sentiment on the issue:

"Kalayaan nila yun. Ibigay natin. Subalit, datapwa't, kailangan hindi dadalhin sa eskwelahan [at] kailangan hindi gagamitin sa masamang paraan. [...] If it is an expresssion of your creativity and art, dito ako pards!"

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  1. jejemon ka siguro techpinas. heehe

  2. that true! nkakabobo talaga ang pagiging jejemon,, because,, nakakalimutan mo na minsan ung talagang spelling ng word.. ung affected is kabataan na mahilig sa text.. naku!


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